APOLLO 18 — Expanded Horizon

Apollo 18 is not just another mining operation, Apollo 18 is a scalable and flexible computing powerhouse. Apollo 18 token holders continue to see green, even at a time when many others struggle to turn a profit. Apollo 18 accomplishes this by developing infrastructure that can be directed at the most profitable industry at any given time, whether that be crypto or artificial intelligence.

You read that correctly. Apollo 18 has expanded into a new industry to continue bringing value to token holders. Having taken the time to develop robust GPU infrastructure, Apollo 18 is able to quickly redirect resources as different opportunities arise.

Over the past few months, Apollo 18 has explored renting out GPUs for machine learning research. Today, this has become a reality with the Vectordash platform. After vetting this new platform, Apollo 18 was able to work with the Vectordash team to ensure all technical requirements to becoming a host were met.

At a time where crypto continues to search for a foothold, the profitability for mining specific operations is about as volatile as the market. Operations that invested the bare minimum or did not take the time to properly set up their hardware will find themselves stuck. Through the Vectordash platform, Apollo 18 now has the potential to access a new market with competitive pricing for GPU power.

APOLLO 18 — Essential Review

In light of the recent actions taken by the SEC to regulate ICOs, Apollo 18 has elected to temporarily delay token sales and perform an in depth review to ensure all compliance is met.

To maintain the confidence from both current and future token holders, Apollo 18 will complete any necessary changes so that operations are not hindered by any legal actions.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will see these changes reflected throughout Apollo 18. Moving forward, our tentative timeline is as follows:

  • September 14th — Updated legal section
  • September 18th — Updated white paper released
  • October 5th — First live strategic Q&A with token holders
  • September 21st — Revised KYC process
  • October 12th — Release new dates for last call of pre-sale and the new date for the start of the sale

How does this affects current token holders?

Current token holders may be pleasantly surprised with an increase in payout distribution as we expand into the machine learning industry. Payouts to token purchasers will continue while we work to ensure compliance for future token holders.