New Twist on Screenwriting Methodology The Hero’s Journey

Storytelling Hero’s Journey Myth for Screenwriters
Storytelling Hero’s Journey Myth for Screenwriters

Ever since Christopher Vogler’s precursor to “The Writer’s Journeywas passed around in memo form in the 1990s, it appeared to cause a seismic shift in the filmmaking business. It later rippled out widely, touching a large swath of creative endeavors where narrative architecture is of central importance. The concepts in Vogler’s screenplay analysis had gone viral — in a time that preceded the social media era.

Vogler, a Hollywood studio story analyst was razor-focused on presenting the mythical and archetypal underpinnings of the stories we tell. His mission was to parse out theories from Joseph Campbell’s 1949 text “The Hero With A Thousand Faces,” which traces the roots of the monomyth through ancient mythological stories. …

And Why It Matters

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When you hear something that resonates, it almost feels as if the sentiment is both excruciatingly timely and timeless. Society has faced challenges of leadership countless times before. However, the moment we are in now is weighty and potent. The feeling of things being wrong on multiple levels cannot be eschewed. The anxieties of the moment have wound many of us up. On top of this, our fates are intrinsically entwined in what is to happen next.


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