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We started calculation of bounty token couple weeks ago. We are now opening up the withdraw for users who participated in our bounty program.

KYC is NOT required for bounty participants.

Step 1: Sign into ApolloX Dashboard

Go to You should already have an account. It’s required when signing up for the bounty program.

Step 2: Double check your wallet address

Go to . Make sure the ETH Wallet address is correct.

Step 3: Click Request button in Bounty Activities

Go to Click on the Request Withdraw button. Then refresh the page. It should show in processing

The first batch of transfer will happen on Jan 15th. Please complete the above process before Jan 15th. Otherwise, you may need to wait until February for the second batch transfer.

ApolloX is proud to reveal Jennifer Wang as one of its angel investors, as well as one of its most avid supporters. Jennifer is the co-founder and CMO of DealMoon. Dealmoon operates the leading social shopping community for Chinese expats around the world and is the largest Chinese-American shopping recommendation site .

Interview with Jennifer Wang

1. What interests you about ApolloX?
I know the founders for a long time, and I trust that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve.

2. What is your opinion of decentralized marketplaces?
I think this is the only way to compete with giants like Amazon

3. What do you think is the future for blockchain technology?
It will be applied in a lot of countries, especially the ones with trust issues. Also it will solve the problem for markets like second hand market (craigslist for example).

During the interview in Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul, they’ve discussed the ApolloX decentralized ecosystem for global e-commerce & how they connect buyers and sellers with trust and transparency that benefits both consumers and sellers.

Watch to find out more.

Thank you CryptoLingo for the great interview!


By Martins Hacks

By BonanzaKreep

“The reliability of data storage and purchase protection are two significant aspects to be taken into account when building an e-commerce marketplace platform. To enable all options related to digital transactions and secure sensitive data, Apollo X will utilize its in-house protocol.”

ApolloX is proud to reveal Amino Capital as one of its major investors, as well as one of its most avid supporters. Amino Capital is an instrumental component of ApolloX’s future, and having them on board means a lot for the growth of the company.

Who is Amino Capital?


Thank you for your interest in ApolloX Protocol Token Sale. Whitelist and KYC is required for both pre-sale and public sale of ApolloX Token (APXT). This post will explain the background regarding the detailed KYC procedures.

Why ApolloX requires KYC (Know Your Customer):

KYC procedure is required under existing AML/CFG…

Md. Mofassair Hossain, one of the top ICO PR and marketing individuals, has officially joined ApolloX, he will be taking the role of Adviser. During his career, he has worked with over 18 separate ICOs, and has also taken leadership with numerous projects. He is also an instrumental figure at…

The ApolloX ICO is nearing and the development of the ApolloX protocol is in overdrive. Our team has been working together intensively to make our envisioned e-commerce platform come through, yet we realized that our community hasn’t been fully introduced to our team members.

The strength and potential of any…

Join ApolloX Bounty Campaign!
Claim 100 Million APXT, $600 000 worth!

Period: 8-week long, from August 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.

Reward Allocation:

  • Translations 20% 20,000,000 tokens
  • Reddit 15% 15,000,000 tokens
  • Bitcointalk 15% 15,000,000 tokens
  • Twitter 5% 3,750,000 tokens
  • Facebook 5% 3,750,000 tokens
  • Linkedin 5% 5,000,000 tokens
  • Telegram 5%…

Our Co-founder Will Li presenting ApolloX at the Google’s Blockchain Demo Night.

ApolloX just attended and presented at Google’s Blockchain Demo Night and what a night it was! The evening revolved around the wonders of blockchain and how this innovative technology can reach, advance and benefit every industry and community.

Seven eager entrepreneurs, including ApolloX’s own founder Will Li, shared their blockchain…

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