3 of the Hottest New Startups that Presented at Google’s Blockchain Demo Night

Our Co-founder Will Li presenting ApolloX at the Google’s Blockchain Demo Night.

ApolloX just attended and presented at Google’s Blockchain Demo Night and what a night it was! The evening revolved around the wonders of blockchain and how this innovative technology can reach, advance and benefit every industry and community.

Seven eager entrepreneurs, including ApolloX’s own founder Will Li, shared their blockchain business ideas to over 200 people and a panel of judges who have a background in blockchain. The judge panel was made up of Andrew King from OCA ventures, Jim Steele, the VP of Engineering at Knowles and Investor In Residence of F50, Corporate Venture Partner Eric Louttit, and the Program Director of F50 Ventures, KJ.

Each presenter had exactly 4 minutes to share their vision and 4 minutes to answer questions from the judge panel. Many extraordinary and inventive ideas were presented and the spirit of ingenuity was high. The main winner of the competition was Nodle.io, but 3 other companies stood out from the crowd. Read on to see what 3 hottest startups presented at Google’s Blockchain Demo Night.


Who they are: A blockchain company that will impact the music industry and become the next global solution for touring. WeDao strives to be an AI promoter for music events, and will use blockchain technology to create peer-to-peer connections between artists, influencers, promoters, producers and venues.

What they do: On this platform all members of the music industry can easily book shows and build tours based off of helpful analytics like how big a fanbase is in each city. WeDAO also uses smart contracts to track the results of every community member that is involved in creating a concert or event such as how many tickets a social media influencer sold. With this tracking system they can accurately determine how much revenue each member will receive.

Who Can Use It: Artists, influencers, venues, producers, and promoters. Each community member can directly interact with one another other and create an event, book shows, build tours and sell tickets.


Who They Are: A decentralized healthcare operating system that uses blockchain to give everyone access to a healthcare system with clear terms and a clear price.

What They Do: Bitclaims wants to bring price transparency into the world of healthcare and cancel out unexplained fees and terms made by any third party. In this new healthcare ecosystem called direct primary care, the incentives are in the hands of the patients and patients will pay a flat monthly fee to have access to the highest quality care at a competitive price.

Who Can Use It: Any person who wants to have healthcare and health care providers.


Who We Are: A blockchain-based protocol that empowers decentralized global e-commerce. On this platform buyers, sellers, advertisers, logistics and every other member of the e-commerce world can directly connect and not pay any third-party fees.

What We Do: Decrease e-commerce costs, protect customer and seller’s data behavior, and reward e-commerce community members for acts of contribution such as shop reviews and referrals. We want to provide a platform that offers both the consumer and seller lower prices and we want to help e-commerce shops build their own brand.

Who Can Use It: Any e-commerce B2C shop, online shoppers, advertisers, logistics, and any other e-commerce marketplace member.

Questions ApolloX Received from the Judge Panel

Q1: Do we have a working prototype or demo?

A: We will have a beta version by the end of this year. We are taking it step-by-step and aim to have a fully decentralized market next year. Up until then, ApolloX foundation team will step in and help make our decentralized market dream a reality.

Q2: How will ApolloX address the high cost of advertising and how it currently affects new businesses and brands?

A: As mentioned in our “Centralized Marketplaces Are Harming the E-commerce Industry” post, one obstacle new e-commerce shops face is building trust with customers. The traditional strategy companies take to overcome this obstacle, is to either sell on a centralized and well-known marketplace, or to buy prospective customer’s trusts with ads.

ApolloX is not trying to eliminate the use of advertisements. We know it is a crucial and beneficial member of the e-commerce world and will be here to stay. Instead, we are trying to create another channel that is just as effective as ads and won’t cost businesses a dime. A product review from another customer is more persuasive than an ad, and shoppers say that 88% of them trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

People write reviews for products and share these reviews on their social media accounts and give free advertisement to companies all the time. ApolloX believes that customers should be rewarded for this action, so we decided to create an Attribution Protocol where ApolloX shoppers will gain ApolloX Tokens (APTX) for every product and shop review they make. All reviews whether good or bad will be rewarded with tokens as long as they are 100% honest. On the Attribution Protocol, ApolloX shoppers will also be rewarded tokens based off of how much referral traffic they personally bring to ApolloX.

As we said before, we know this channel will not replace advertisements or diminish the need for ads, but we do believe that rewarding shoppers for sharing their honest opinions will quickly build a brand’s reputation for free.

Judge Panel Feedback for ApolloX

We heard nothing but positive feedback from the judge panel and that the ApolloX mission solves major pain points in the e-commerce industry. All of the judges are excited to see where we’ll be by 2020 and they can’t wait to see how our platform will disrupt the e-commerce marketplace.