ApolloX Introduction of the team

The ApolloX ICO is nearing and the development of the ApolloX protocol is in overdrive. Our team has been working together intensively to make our envisioned e-commerce platform come through, yet we realized that our community hasn’t been fully introduced to our team members.

The strength and potential of any startup heavily depends on the team behind it and in this article, we would like to introduce you to our talented staff members that are working around the clock to make ApolloX reality.

Meet Kyle White

Kyle is our strategy lead. Before he immersed himself into the blockchain space, Kyle was a serious college football player, received a POLLIE Award for Grassroots achievement in political organizing while simultaneously getting his Master’s degree in Public Relations.

He knew he wanted to make an impact on a global level, so he left the comforts of corporate America to start working full time in the blockchain industry. The possibilities of the technology and the industry as a whole intrigued Kyle from the start and he soon started to use his skills to help blockchain startups find their way.

Up until now, Kyle has consulted, advised or worked directly with 16 ICOs which combinedly managed to attract roughly $630 million in funding. Besides that, he is currently the co-founder and board member of Stoks.market, an exchange focussed on getting rid of the industry’s outrageous listing fee demands and bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses.

He has a strong focus on scaling a project and understands that a strong, dedicated community behind a blockchain project is essential to its long-term success.

The ApolloX team shares this vision, which was, besides his outstanding industry experience, the basis for hiring Kyle. Kyle was attracted to the ApolloX project because of his strong background in retail and his desire to scale great projects. He sees a clear competitive advantage of the ApolloX protocol over its fierce competition based on its great potential for cutting cost at almost every layer of the e-commerce value chain.

Although the ApolloX platform is yet to be launched, Kyle already has a sound vision of the e-commerce platform’s future. “By empowering everyone to participate in the e-commerce industry, we will assist in building a more creative and inclusive future based on innovation, invention and transparency.”

Meet Shannon Ma

Shannon is the lead of Marketing and Economics of the ApolloX project. After an educational trajectory focused on economic theory and analytical methodologies, Shannon obtained her PhD in applied economics at Michigan State University.

During her graduate study, Shannon was involved in a large variety of research projects for both the private and the public sectors in which she explored economic applications for both sectors to boost efficiency. She also served as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences for three months, actively participating in the discussion of several pressing science policy issues in Washington DC. Afterwards, Shannon returned to the academic field as a Post-doctoral economist and project manager at Stanford University to guide business and public agencies from across the globe through the complexities of applied economics in the domain of sustainable and efficient resource management.

As our Marketing lead, Shannon oversees our omni-channel marketing strategy and campaigns through social media, paid search, SEO, affiliates and other business partners. She also significantly contributes to the development of the ApolloX token economy — an efficient and transparent credit system to reinforce positive feedback from the community. Given Shannon’s background in applied economics, the architecture and implementation of the ApolloX protocol is of high interest to her.

The question as to how to design an efficient system for a group of individuals making independent choices that benefit the collective intrigues Shannon from a social choice theory perspective. Moreover, the design of incentives, token distribution and circulation mechanisms for the ApolloX token economy is inspired by Shannon’s fascination of the nudge theory by Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler.

ApolloX is taking steady steps toward making revolutionary changes to current ecommerce business. With a profound token economy model grounded in economic theories, the team is currently creating both marketing and technical infrastructures to establish an efficient and self-sustaining ecommerce network. Given the team’s past experience with the Apollo Box e-commerce platform and solid technical expertise for the blockchain architecture, Shannon believes ApolloX will be leading the way in disrupting the face of e-commerce.