Marketing Expert Mofassair Hossain Joins ApolloX as an Adviser

Md. Mofassair Hossain, one of the top ICO PR and marketing individuals, has officially joined ApolloX, he will be taking the role of Adviser. During his career, he has worked with over 18 separate ICOs, and has also taken leadership with numerous projects. He is also an instrumental figure at ICO Bench. Hossain has a track record of working with other impressive companies in the crypto space such as Humaniq and DasCoin. His expertise lies in marketing, budget allocation, and strategy, among other areas.

As one of the top PR and Marketing advisor’s for ICO Bench, and as a member of the Israeli and Malta blockchain Association and Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals, Mofassair’s considerable experience and expertise in the crypto and blockchain field will be an asset to ApolloX.

As Mofassair is welcomed into ApolloX he has kindly shared his vision on both the industry and the company.

What interests you about ApolloX?

When it comes to ICOs I am very selective. I like this project because they have a very experienced team who are already successful in the e-commerce business. They also they have a solid working MVP, and a direct vision to be the next decentralized Amazon. This is a great vision to have. That’s why I joined this project, I am looking forward to working with this strong and dedicated team, I want to take them to the next level.

What do you think is the future for blockchain technology?

Blockchain is all about decentralization and transparency. In centralized systems there is a lack of transparency making them easily corruptible. Not only that but the technology is also bringing revolutionary change in Fintech, Health, Renewable energy, IT, Legal, Banking, games, Social Media’s and many other industries. In my opinion Blockchain will be a necessary element of the future.

What made you get involved with the blockchain and crypto industry?

I have been involved with this industry for a long time … I Started my journey as a crypto writer and once I knew more about this industry I left my traditional job and spent all my time in this industry so that I could learn more about it. I immersed myself deeply in blockchain and crypto. The more I learn about this industry the more that it interests me. This industry is the future; centralized technology has too many problems that only the blockchain can solve. One of the blockchain’s most positive aspects is that it brings individuals closer to the systems they use through transparency. I have worked with several successful ICOs and recently joined ApolloX as an Adviser. I believe that this company will be the next Amazon, running on a decentralized network.

ApolloX is looking forward to working with Mofassair as it continues on its journey towards revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.