Meet the Investors : Amino Capital

ApolloX is proud to reveal Amino Capital as one of its major investors, as well as one of its most avid supporters. Amino Capital is an instrumental component of ApolloX’s future, and having them on board means a lot for the growth of the company.

Who is Amino Capital?

Amino Capital is an early stage venture firm which places a focus on technology driven organizations that have bright and expansive plans for the future. This has led them to investing in numerous blockchain enterprises. Amino Capital clearly understands the significance that blockchain technology has, and recognises just how many industries it can affect.

The organisation is spearheaded by managing partners: Larry Li, Jun Wu PH.D, Huican ZHU PH.D, and Sue Xu PH.D.

Who has Amino Capital worked with in the past?

Amino Capital has an extensive portfolio of projects which they have engaged with. Most notably, they have worked with OmiseGo, who run the OMG token. OmiseGo focuses on allowing financial institutions to send and receive money without the intervention of banks and other money-management organisations. 0x protocol, Kyber Network, and GRID are other cryptocurrency based companies that have received funding. This clearly reveals just how committed Amino Capital is to the realm of digital money and cryptography.

They have also funded Ozlo, the artificial intelligence startup which was bought out and acquired by Facebook, and Orbeus, another artificial intelligence project, which was bought out and acquired by Amazon.

Other companies include: Skycatch, Grail, Candy House, Paperspace, Chime, Pay By Group, and Taxa.

Amino Capital is clearly focused on cutting edge technology. The companies they choose to fund are ones which they can clearly envisage making an industry-wide change. The fact that they have invested in ApolloX is a sign that they believe the e-commerce industry is ready to embrace a decentralized marketplace which can make a lasting difference.