A Toast To Goals And New Beginnings

Almost spoken word

Do you have a goal?

People without goals work for those who do!

You need to know where you want to go and go for it

Set clear targets, enough with the “Uuuhm I guess I could do this or that(s)…”

Think big, it’s the only way to achieve big things

Whenever doubts creep in remember it doesn’t matter how young or talented you are, or how much your bank loves you

At the end of the day hard work isn’t enough to survive but it always pays off

You’ve got to put in the work!

Grind and grind and grind, be obsessive with what you do

The iceberg illusion isn’t an illusion

Uncover the overalls covering your success

We live in a world with a tonne of unsolicited advice

You don’t have to take it all

If you ain’t by now, say no to negative vibes

Nobody has the right to push you, only you can hold yourself back

Let out that storm within you

You cannot afford to sail by with everybody else

Create your own reality by choosing the future you want

The riskiest assumption is thinking you owe every single person an explanation about what you do or don’t do with your life

Guess what? A flawed concept-invalidated even

Do you! Nobody else can

Conquer your doubts, inhibitions, fears, second guesses

All they do is hold you back

You can’t afford to give ’em free rain when stuff needs doing like yesterday!

Take that plunge-eyes closed if you must-you have the rest of your life to feel scared

But in that defining moment, you cannot afford to give in

I can’t tell you how to tell the defining moment

Just that there are many ways to get what you want out of life

So always be ready and think things through

Sharpen your skills and gather necessary facts

In hindsight, you can always say you were ready after all

Never ever give up

Failure is inevitable for most if not all

When push comes to shove, change strategies if you must

But quit the blame game. Excuses only procrastinate solutions

Learn from your experiences and those before you

Remember, success is not a straight line. Question the impossible!

Shoot for the stars. Shoot beyond the stars. Shoot at the stars. Create your own constellation. But for Pete’s sake you cannot afford to do nothing

We all make mistakes

Forgive yourself for the times you didn’t go all the way

Today is a new day

Embrace it and evolve with your new ideas

Focus on that one thing if you’re lucky to find it

Otherwise keep putting in your best and seeing things through

There’s coming a time when you’ll finally understand IT

You’re special

Yes the world turns us into cynics and skeptics with time

But remember, you are the author of your destiny

A destiny that’ll shape the lives of millions around you

Keep doing you

Don’t get in line with everyone else

Make the show worth our while!

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