Closure: Finally Letting Go

Dear RB,

It’s been a week since you left me.

I think of you less and less as the days go by. Hopefully time will make me forget. Though seeing as I’ve etched you for eternity, I doubt that’ll happen.

I can still remember how we were such a perfect fit. I may find a replacement for you soon. Fact remains, you were one of a kind.

I can still replay our last moments together. It all happened so fast. The bitter after taste so grave I thought life would never be the same.

Thank you for all the good times we shared. Keep my secrets safe with you. Don’t show them to anyone.

I hope the Atlantic is treating you well. Oh and hey, you beat me to sailing around the world! :-).

Be free, capture and enjoy as many moments as you can. Maybe just maybe, we’ll meet again when we’re old and grown.

Ciao-you’ll always have a special place in my heart.