Part II: Me & Legon Botanical Gardens

Comfort Zone Challenge

Imagine dangling on a solitary rope 100 feet high… just pause for a moment and imagine that. Does your heart race just at the thought? Do you think to yourself now why would I ever do that?

Well, I had a front row seat to such a show less than two weeks ago. I was as much partisan as I was spectator in that show.

We had gone on a take-a-walk-in-nature, eat, relax, read a book, play football, laugh and later enjoy a movie at the theater(Silver Bird Cinemas, Accra, Ghana) bonanza. Thank you MEST fraternity!

P.S: We watched DC comic’s

I may give a review of the movie another day…

Whilst at the gardens, one of the things we did was the obstacle course. In case you’re wondering what the heck that is, here is a glimpse of the 10+ obstacles we had to get through…

Anyway, I remember gleefully signing up for the challenge. Last thing on my mind was whether I’d be able to do it. I mean wasn’t it a given? I’m not scared of heights! Little did I know somethings remain relatively unclear until you experience them first hand.

No amount of YouTube videos would have prepared me for the harrowing experience once I was in the air, with no way of turning back or getting down. Basically my only option was to keep moving. And keep moving I did…Even if it meant sitting down for a solid thirty minutes (mark you holding up everyone behind me).

Through blood, sweat, near tears, encouragement from cool friends and laughter, I managed to make it to the end. I MADE IT…What?! Afterwards I had mixed feelings as to whether or not I would willingly do that again any time soon.

Probably this time I’d start small. Build incrementally. I now know better than to start at the top, then contemplate halfway that probably the lower level would’ve given me a footing and the hang of how to tackle the higher level. But who’s to say, maybe it would’ve only made me not dare the higher climb.

One things for sure though, save for the fact that my muscles were sore and arms bruised by ropes, I could have tackled the lower level with my eyes closed afterwards.

And before I scare those of y’all scared of heights from ever attempting anything of the sort, lemme mention that it wasn’t all near death adrenaline the entire way. Some steps were easy-peasy once you cracked the code.

The most liberating moment being the glide(literal) to the finish. We were howling like wolves. Myself I felt like I was finally seeing land after being at sea for so long. I couldn’t wait to scamper to earth. The final pole hitting my face a cause to rejoice and dance over.

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