Remove The Kinks From Your Mind, Not Your Hair

Afro goin’ crazy

I love and hate my afro. Sometimes one of these emotions outweighs the other. I’ve contemplated cutting it, cutting it off or chopping it off countless times. The idea of a short cut tickles my fancy to date. I also still flirt from time to time with the idea of dying and relaxing it so it’s straight and purple. The purple color is still an open option though.

In case you didn’t know, relaxing involves processing your hair with chemicals. I actually once relaxed my hair. Got to say other than losing the volume of my hair hence, combing it was effortless. The relaxed phase lasted less than a year before I decided I wanted back my afro. Never looked back. Even as I want to scream passing the afro comb through my natural hair whenever I have to.

Me, sometimes

Over the years, I have grown to appreciate it more. Still, whenever someone says they love my hair, my mind immediately becomes defensive. I start telling them how African hair is so kinky and unmanageable. Then break into the explanation of how it makes me look like a ‘mad woman’. Summarise by laughing it off with “I’m having one of those days-bad hair days”. Then walk away thinking I should invest in more hats and scarfs.

The irony of this battle with self is not lost on me either. Deep in my subconscious I advocate for embracing who you are. I don’t know when these insecurities about my genetic makeup began to surface. All I know is I’ve had enough of not appreciating my hair. I thank God for my bushy afro, imma rock it from time to time. About time I gave natural products a second chance. Hopefully I’ll get something affordable that lives up to its value proposition.

Did you know black hair-care is potentially a $500 billion industry? The market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the market in 2012 at $684 million with a projection of it growing to $761 million in 2017…

To think of all the millions of people busy modifying and styling their hairs. Myself included…

When I’m not going crazy about what I should do with my hair, these are some of the styles I rock:

Corn rows. I wish they were an 100% formal look…
Braids. The process aside, braids any day
Press & curl. Sometimes when looking for something different.

The title is a quote from Marcus Garvey I recently chanced upon. It rang so true.

Until next time beautiful people. Stay beautiful and free!

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