Is my Story Good ?..

What makes a good story? I always wonder, just like so many others.

Is there a parameter to decide if a story is good or bad. How can a story be bad. It’s a story, it is imagination painted into words. Even if the reason for it being bad is the way it is told, the story can never be bad.

Writers often wonder how to write a good story, and they try all they can to make it perfect. But not every story come out to be perfect. So then should we just write off the story and the writer or should we pause for a minute and write something for the writer to know what he could have done to make it perfect. After all why does MEDIUM provide us with the ‘response’ option.

In the few days of being a part of Medium, It is a general observation that we use this response option only if we found something good or positive in a story. But I think as fellow writers we should use it sometimes to let the writer know why we came to his world of thoughts, but were unable to either completely read or did not enjoy it as much as we hoped to.

I know this is something debatable, not everyone will agree with me. And some people may not like the fact that what he/she shared is being judged. But then as writers we should be ready to take criticism or any advise in our stride, it is this which will make someone grow from being not good to better.

I personally would like suggestions and a healthy criticism to know If I am moving in the right direction with my thoughts. But then not all may agree.

It is my humble request to anyone who reads what I write, to please leave by something to help me grow.

Thanks in Advance.