One Night..

I wish I could get that one night

the night which I could never get

The only for which I am still in wait

the night that hasn’t ensued

Darkness of it In which I will disappear

myself into his arms

Quietness of it in which I will hear

his heart into my ears

Coldness of it in which I will feel

the warmth of his body

into him uninterrupted

Wetness of it in which I will dampen

my soul through his eyes

Stillness of it in which I will remain

conjoined with him till it lasts

Wish this night to transpire

and improve my heart’s plight

Have been waiting for it for so long

But forever’s too less to wait for this night.

The night when it reveals

will make me alive

But When it deserts

My Heart will forever grieve

For He is the one

who has made me live this life

I can wait from him

for this and another lifetime.

For when this night materializes as

The Fruit of my life

He will be there with me

And I will be there with him.