Hi Apoorva! I hope you stuck to your goals from the time you commented on my Drawing for a year.
Rohan Nowell

Rohan Nowell It is so good to hear what you have accomplished by overcoming procrastination. :)

Sorry for not responding early enough. But I was hung up on something and not in a good way. Those times in life when you feel nothing is going the way you want it to be.

To your question If I was able to do what I promised myself I would, well I feel bad that I couldn’t. And reading your message makes me think of all the things which I didn’t do or do to miss the goal. On the brighter side, I did write some good stuff but not enough.

Coming back to your book, I read your experience and it has inspired me again to get back on the horse! I love the cover and the title ‘The Little Adventurer’. We on the lookout for some big adventures miss out on the small one’s and it is so important that we teach and inspire the young generation to not. Thank you and take care.

I hope to read about your upcoming adventures and to share some of my own. :)

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