your love is like sunlight..

Too much gives me burns and too less makes me gloomy.

I can’t live without it yet sometimes It weighs me down..

It makes my life life, when it gives me warmth.

It makes me cry, when it goes away behind the clouds..

At its peak It knocks out the darkness in my life.

At its lowest It soothes the hurt of my heart..

It gives me hope and drives my life.

When it’s gone only the shadows remain..

Shadows which haunts me and asperses the peace of my mind.

My heart waits for it so it can be resuscitated..

My mind longs for it so it can be rejuvenated.

Your Love is like sunlight without which I am dead..

Only It can revive my soul from this state of living death.

All three which make me the heart, the mind and the soul..

They are alive because Your Love makes them whole.