Beaches And A DSLR! Just Perfect!

Vengurla Beach

It was the last day of our study tour and we thought
to treat ourselves by visiting a local beach there.

Walking down the path,
coconut trees and thatched houses on either side,
many thoughts were gushing through my mind, creating an emotional turmoil.

Choosing to ignore the thoughts
all I really wanted was to sit on a quiet
lonely beach watching the horizon ,the waves and the setting sun.

While walking we could get the salty taste in the air,
could hear the waves clashing on the rocks,
but where was the BEACH?

The path got narrower and steeper.
 The soft sand of the beach started mixing 
with the soil below us and our hopes rose.
We climbed a long inclined slope and
low behold it lay ahead of us,

Removing my sandals and backpack,
I dumped them on the soft warm sand and
ran towards the water as fast as I could
and saw my feet disappear into the wave coming my way.

It was like a big wave had washed and
taken away all the worries and tension,
and all of a sudden we were transformed into small kids.

Splashing, screaming, giggling and falling,
playing in the sand and water,
chasing one another we never realised how time flew.

I still recollect the number of times we fell ,
and the hilarious different ways we fell in.

We caught each other’s hand to prevent
each other from falling and ended up
creating a long chain of friendship.

Screaming, laughing and running
back to the shore as a big wave was spotted.
Catching each other’s hand and
letting the wave engulf us.
Watching your friends goggles for the last time
as they were taken away by the wave making them a history.
All these and many more memories were created which are priceless.

I had never expected to take back so many special memories and experiences with me at the end of the trip.

I went with my collegues, but I most certainly returned with FRIENDS!

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