My very first visit to a village

This situation is possible even if you stay in India!

A village is a place where a family goes for a vacation away from their monotonous lifestyle. Mostly kids go to their villages in the summer vacations and come back all tanned. All the luxuries might not be available there, but you will find peace of mind. The people living there have their own ways of doing things which most of us won’t even know about. If urban lifestyle is one side of the coin then rural lifestyle is the other side, in fact more important and much needed as India’s economy is based on agriculture.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific village to visit during my summer vacations. So village to me was watching and experiencing it virtually and then visualizing one of my own.

So after 21 years of my existence in this world, I got a chance to visit a village. Bombay has been my city and village since my birth. It’s not like I suddenly got to know about the existence of my village but it was possible to physically visit a village due to a friend who has a house there.

The surrounding houses.

The journey was long but the final result was so beautiful that we forgot about the tiring journey. Pretty colors, textured walls and beautiful doors, were the first things that caught my attention. It was all about these cute little houses with vibrant colors flowing around them.

Orange and Green just go so well here.
The texture of these old colored doors.
Every door has it’s own uniqueness.
Colors inside colors.
The effect due to a simple light can make wonders.
Seems like a wooden frame kept in a box.
The colors, textures, shadows and highlights very well complement each other in the frame.

This is not over yet. It was not only about these colors and textures but also about the people living there. It was a whole new experience to stay and interact with the people residing there. To live there was like connecting ourselves to a completely new lifestyle away from the chaotic city life.

The people of Asawali gaav (village) are just lovely humans who welcome everyone with a pleasant smile. They were fascinated by this device called camera and would happily join in the frame if asked to. Like us, they also wanted their smiles and moments to get captured even after knowing that they won’t get a copy of the photo. Instead, they were happy to know that someone is ready to click their pictures without taking any money.

She wanted a photo with her mehendi on her hands, and so here it goes “CLICK!”.
Couldn't resist but click a picture of their cute faces.
He said it with a sign language, “Click a picture of my cows and buffaloes, they are the best”. And there you go!
Cute faces that we came across.
How he pro-actively helped us make great shots.

The surprises weren't getting over. After reaching the destination, we rested for a while before going on a trek to the hills to watch the sunset. Greenery was just everywhere we looked. The village had large open lands to play upon. The trees, bushes, rocks, structures and mountains were just placed at a perfect place as if someone had gone under a lengthy process of planning it since a long time before.

Usually it’s much more greener in rainy season, but anytime better than a concrete jungle.
The effect due to the sunlight and a weirdly cool tree.
Open wide lands all around this place.

And the fun we had…

The amount of fun we had can neither be quantified nor can be described in words. Here are some pictures that will express the incredible experience we had! These memories will always leave us with a smile on our faces.

He said,”They won’t do anything” and these first 3 ladies just went near them bravely to get a photo clicked.
It was because of this friend of mine, we could go to the village and have a different experience all together.
The most entertaining person in the whole trip.
A trip just cannot end without clicking this picture.
Trekking all the way long.
And then this happens during the sunset.

Everything happens for the first time. Along with so much of enjoyment, it was my first attempt to put mehendi (henne) on someone else’s hand. And the outcome was pretty good!

It was his Granny’s 75th Birthday and parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

All this fun was only possible because of this family. Their invitations made my dream of visiting a village come true. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for letting us experience all of this, FINALLY!

Everyone should have a village they can go to, when they want to escape from the city life. It unknowingly rejuvenates you like hitting the refresh button and then you can go to the chaotic life again with a fresh mind.

A person won’t understand the importance of a village unless s/he would visit one or can take the fact for granted that s/he has a village unless you meet a person who doesn't have one! ☺

Thank You

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