What an appalling piece of journalism.

The author didn’t say that every single person who “Marched for Life” is on that particular side of every issue mentioned in this article. The problem here is that the majority of politicians who are pro-life and propose policy and vote to regulate abortion access ALSO propose policy and vote to defund public schools, limit access to healthcare (whether that be through defunding Planned Parenthood or changing health insurance policies), reduce food stamp access, and a host of other issues that disproportionately affect the types of individuals who are likely to be the result of people who couldn’t afford to take care of them and couldn’t get an abortion.

Saying that you are pro-life but ignoring all of these issues, many relating to the ability of living, breathing people to continue to live (esp those associated with healthcare), is hypocritical. Voting for a candidate who is anti-abortion but also anti-healthcare, anti-living wage, and anti-public school is hypocritical, even if you are pro-healthcare, pro-living wage, or pro-public school. Voting this way means you are prioritizing the lives of fetuses over those of low-income babies, children, and adults. This is not pro-life. This is “pro-birth, f*** what happens after that.”