Art of searching the web for soft-dev 1

I request the reader to start using duck duck go(DDG) as your search engine .Try to overcome the minor inertia and inconvenience as I have also put time to help you.Why I support : Google is not what it seems

As I was unaware I had used google that’s why I have mentioned everywhere about google.

If you want to be like ‘Steve Jobs’ this blog is not for you.But if you want to be like ‘Steve Wozniak’ or ‘Linus Trovalds’ you can continue reading further.

This blog will let you deepen the knowledge improve your way and pattern of googling and getting resource.

I am writing it for ‘facchas’(boy noobs) and ‘facchis’(girl noobs) of soft-dev(even I am one of them) , even if you are an experienced you might have a look I am not sure but you might find a point or two helpful.

What is this for blog for and why I felt the need to bring it to existence ?

When I trying for gsoc (an unsuccessful attempt though) I faced some problems(here “some” is a diplomatic term).I felt the need of knowing more than what was available on internet(here “internet” refers to what I could really see by clicking on 4–5 results on first page of google). I tried to google the hard way (“hard way” refers to changing my search term) but ended up getting same results.Then I felt that as you go up the ladder ,of learning to code to framing a software for a consumer , links on google search become less relevant . You will have a million tutorials for learning C++ but wait if you want to have gui(graphical user interface) on your c++ programme and you go on searching you will find your search results flooded with QT. Google as hard as you can but you will never(just a hyperbole) hear of ‘nana’ , ‘evince’ .Searching proper libraries required for your software and then how to use it is the real task for which it is really rare that you will find any links on front page. Proper libraries refer to for example I you want just single window interface you would not like to install 1 gb libraries like QT in your system.

This blog will be in two parts : First part is general googling and learning.

Second Part will be different methods of setting up environment to code online and offline


‘When you reached class 12 light started to bend.Before class 12 it travelled in straight line’

.When I searched wikipedia I read the contents given there properly . When I completed reading the content I pushed the “Click to go back hold to see history button” then I scrolled the first page of google search with great curiosity pleasure and enthusiasm ending up getting the links with just basic ‘how to’ knowledge.

What you cannot find in a google search or it’s front page , is in the Wikipedia ,see also , notes , references , sources , further reading etc. like :

“Diamonds are found in deepest trenches of mine”.Hence if you have a found a wiki page for your topic it is jewel.If not then

2. Github

Github is script heaven of earth.If you need ideas about project,how to proceed towards particular idea , how a software is written , or what different approaches are there for solving a particular problem, then you need to search github instead of google.

When you search for something don’t just look on repositories.Also look on the wikis.

If you are thinking of writing a short snippet then you can search

If you want to find links which you are not able to find through search engine you can find in pr’s and issues of github and github pages of users.

3. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is also one of the most ignored sources where people don’t visit.It has lots of resources and very rarely people visit this and search it’s website.

4. Archive

Archive is divided in two parts . First part is way-back machine . Like google it has index of lot of websites along with it’s snapshots of changes w.r.t to time.If you are not getting anything anywhere you can get here.Not exactly like google, but you can search here as well and results will be great.

Second part is archived documents.You can search this as well as for the documents which has moved in page 10 of search results can be found easily here.

Searching Libraries

Now comes a major question how to know what to use.Okay I have learned this language but how will I know that this library exist which can do this work.

  1. LibHunt

If you are interested in development through c++ then (along with above):

  1. FreeCode
  2. cppReference

If you want to know about some libraries apart from using the search engines you can search:

  1. CPlusPlus

This is it.