Just The Basic Needs ??

#Simple yet Complicated Life…

Human Needs

What do we really need to “live” ??

Just the basics? It is definitely the most important question for me right now.

There are the basics: food, clothing and shelter. Then comes the comfort and may be the latter is luxury. Then, ofcourse there is one more: Thinking.

Once we get beyond the basic needs, we often make things more complex than is necessary. That said, there are things that make life more comfortable, so we trade extra complexity for some superficial benefits.

When I met Azaan, in Manasbal lake, in Kashmir, I couldn’t help myself but had talk to him. My curiosity wanted to know how was it to live there? He told, they catch fish to feed themselves & their family. They live in self made wooden house and make a nice living. They breathe in fresh air, living near nature with love and trust all around. They think highly of themselves and love their life.

It took me by surprise, the way he said all that and then I had to ask, Isn’t it difficult ?? He answered so very peacefully, It’s very easy this way :):)

Since then, I am reflecting on my life. For me Simple seems so difficult. I am so addicted to extraneous inputs like phones, loud sounds, bright lights, computers or whatever and focusing on the simple things, seems like a task and they appear to me like it would be living in world of fascination.

“’Simple’ is the new complication”

What part of my life would I want to reduce, cut back or minimize?

Can I is the real question??

Where did I cross the line into too much complexity? That I have to think so much. That may be, is a very personal decision, and depends on may be, our interests and tolerance for complexity. I find that, within certain bounds, I thrive on complexity. In the rest of my life, I prefer simplicity. How can I really find myself streamlining my complexities. What exactly do I need to live and for me it would not be existence?

Trying to figure out what would work best for me….

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