GSoC 2018 with LibreHealth — Wrap up!

The Coding Period has ended and this is the last week of Google Summer of Code in which students submit their work and Final Evaluations of their mentors. This is followed by the period in which mentors review submitted code and submit their Final Evaluations of students.

Following is a summary of work done —

My experience

I have learned a lot over this past summer and have polished concepts that I have been learning since past 1 year by applying them to a real world project. Whether those concepts be how to transfer data by using AJAX or how to do basic CRUD operations on a database management system or how to make a Pull Request in another repository! I’ve enjoyed my time with LibreHealth and the world of open source development.


Thank you LibreHealth for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank you Google for creating this excellent platform. Thank you Terry Hill, Priyanshu Sinha, Art Eaton, Tony McCormick for your guidance and help during these past awesome 6 months! Thank you all organization administrators for making my first open source experience this great! Thank you Team Alpha for the support.