GSoC PMA week 5: Go-To Navigation

It’s been a week since, the first evaluation. I’ve successfully passed the first evaluation. My task for this week was to work on adding a completely new feature in the phpMyAdmin portal. It is to provide them with a navigation panel so that different views can be easily accessed when ever required because sometimes the server has many tables, databases and other configuration and setting pages, it sometimes becomes difficult to navigate through for the user. So the feature is intended to provide them a better experience while working.

I started with planning out how the navigation panel is to be implemented, which included placement of navigation tab, list of views to be added for navigation, icon for navigation tab, working of search filter etc.

I came up with the following solutions for these:

Placement: I decided to keep it in the top menu bar as it would be most easily accessible there.

List of views: Initially I added all the databases and tables in the list. Other views can also be added easily as and when required.

Search Filter: I decided to use the KBFilter already used at many places in PMA.



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