GSoC PMA week 7: Implementing Go-To Navigation

As per my project proposal my this weeks’ task was to start planning and working on my next task, which is to create a separate composer package having the phpMyAdmin’s mysql recommendation configurations. But since some of my last week’s task was remaining I also had to cover that.

I started with writing the backend functionalities for the navigation tab. Which included fetching and rendering of the tables and databases in the view. Integrating KBsearch using AJAX requests for realtime filtering and lastly linking various tables and databases to their views.

Finally the functional Navigation panel was achieved.

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Also the search worked correctly and seamlessly.

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Then I started with working on the composer package. I decided what all configuration variables to include in it.

Then I created a basic structure of the package using composer init and started with writing the logic by this and was expected to complete this by the next week before the 2nd evaluation.

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