This was my 8th week of coding in GSoC and next would be second evaluation. My main task for the 8th week was to complete the composer package and host it as a stand alone repository along with completing my all previous work .

For the composer package, I wrote the package properties as composer.json and all functionalities in a well structured manner. The composer works completely stand alone of phpMyAdmin, stills gives status of configuration variables in a similar manner. Also I added tests so that the package can be directly tested in the terminal rather than only in the browser.

After discussing with my mentor, I am hosting it on phpMyAdmin’s github as a separate repository.

I will add the repository link and setup steps to this blog soon.

As per my project proposal my this weeks’ task was to start planning and working on my next task, which is to create a separate composer package having the phpMyAdmin’s mysql recommendation configurations. But since some of my last week’s task was remaining I also had to cover that.

I started with writing the backend functionalities for the navigation tab. Which included fetching and rendering of the tables and databases in the view. Integrating KBsearch using AJAX requests for realtime filtering and lastly linking various tables and databases to their views.

Finally the functional Navigation panel was achieved.

Also the…

My this weeks task was to implement the navigation panel as planned last week. I started with placing it in the top nav menu and creating a separate controller and view for the navigation tab. My next task was to write the functionalities for the controller.

Unfortunately, I felt ill this week and was suffering from conjunctivitis so was not able to work further.

So I decided to shift this next week along with the other task planned to be done in the 7th week.

It’s been a week since, the first evaluation. I’ve successfully passed the first evaluation. My task for this week was to work on adding a completely new feature in the phpMyAdmin portal. It is to provide them with a navigation panel so that different views can be easily accessed when ever required because sometimes the server has many tables, databases and other configuration and setting pages, it sometimes becomes difficult to navigate through for the user. So the feature is intended to provide them a better experience while working.

I started with planning out how the navigation panel is to…

I have now completed 4 weeks of coding in GSoC and the first evaluation is under way. My main task for the 4th week was to make up for anything left or include any additional changes suggested. I spent most of the time refactoring my code, making changes as suggested by my mentor and other PMA members and documenting my experience till now for the 1st evaluation.

In these four weeks, the first task I did was to fix the theme generator tool which took 2 weeks. The next work was to create Favorite Database feature. The details about these two are present in my previous blogs. I also worked on adding comments to my code so as to make it easy to understand for other developers.

In the coming days I will be working on writing some documentations.

I have completed my 3rd week of GSoC. My task for this week was to begin with a new feature which is to provide an option to users to mark databases as favorites. So that they can be easily accessed when ever required because sometimes the server has many databases and it becomes difficult to manage for the user. So the feature was intended to provide them a better experience while working.

The feature is very similar to the existing favorite table feature. My job was to replicate similar functionalities for databases.

The main problem was to update the database’s…

It’s been a week since I’ve been working on my Google Summer of Code project with phpMyAdmin and my work for the first two week was to fix a very important tool in PMA, which is Theme Generator. The tool was build by my mentor himself as his last year’s GSoC project. The tool allows user to create their own custom themes seamlessly.

Recently PMA shifted all their theme’s styles from css to scss. Which stopped the working of the theme generator. The first two weeks of my GSoC project were dedicated to fixing the theme generator.

I divided my…

I’ve completed my second week of GSoC and the main task for this week was to change the files generated by the theme generator for new themes to scss files which were css files earlier. The files were generated dynamically through PHP code.

Initially when the theme generator generated css files after successfully creating a new theme, when the new theme was selected. The pages rendered like this

The main challenge was that the user selected variables were as PHP variables and were required to be passed to scss files. …

May 6, 11:30 pm, I went to the GSoC website, hit the refresh button and searched my name under the list of selected projects. My name popped up and I was over the moon and it took me a while to let it all soak in.

Hello everyone!

Apoorv Khare

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