Case Study: Health Risk Assessment Web App

Ask: A website to take user input and generate an assessment report

I was approached by a team of doctors looking to launch a startup in the healthcare sector. They wanted a product where user can tell about his / her lifestyle habits and get scored based on that. We needed to generate a report to tell the user about possible health risks.

Another step after that was to get the user to signup and pay for offline consultation.


The main challenge was not creating scoring logic, it was to get the user to fill a vast form with lost of inputs without a lot of effort. It had to be easy on the user experience!

Another challenge was sitting with the team to figure out all options to segregate the data and make it structured for processing.

We also needed a payment gateway without putting lot of architecture, a team of developers or cost into the website.

Research: I started looking at other available products in the market where a similar kind of large user input is required. No luck. It was all long long form and very outdated styling.

Then I started looking for third party products that provide e-forms for campaigns and polls etc. I stumbled upon typeform and really liked how easy they had made it with one question in the focus at a time, auto scroll, keyboard navigation. A couple to taps and it was just done.

Results: I took inspiration from typeform and created my own form with all the logic, ease of use, report generation as well as having a third party payment gateway integrated.

I could have very well used typeform but having a custom form is a lot cheaper for a long term product as typeform charges a monthly subscription. Alongside that we needed customisation and data on each input user has selected and show next question based on that. We also needed a confirmation screen with the report and payment gateway and it had to be seamlessly integrated with the site as well.

The result was Pre2doc. Do give it a try and know your health risks!


  1. The final product was easy to use and we got a very strong user feedback.
  2. The product owners were happy with the product and the user response on it.
  3. We are working to expand this into a full blown platform with user accounts, video consultation and a lot more.

Knowledge Gained:

  1. I learned a lot about the healthcare industry working with the health professionals.
  2. I learned about the type of available options to take user input, do short research campaigns, take post event feedback. Typeform is one such example.
  3. I learned about different payment gateways available. Pros, cons, requirements, ease of setup, ease of use, transactional and maintenance charges etc.
  4. I also learned how small things in our daily routine contribute to our overall health and the risks they carry.