Sideline ’18: A multiplayer Football Manager game for Desktop

Let’s play against Barca!

I am addicted to Top Eleven and was a big fan of Sega’s Football Manager. Chances are any Football (Soccer) loving person is bound to love the thrill and experience of being in the Football Manager’s shoe. So am I. While I love the Top Eleven, I couldn’t find a better alternative for it for PC and Mac.

That being said, I have released the first version of Sideline ’18 for MacOS. Drafting and prototyping of the game began some 15 hours ago (from the time I started writing this post) and after the long night of tireless coding, I am stopping at the first version of the multi-player real-time Football Manager game for MacOS (don’t worry .exe and .deb versions are coming too). The game is decentralized per se. There are no servers except those of PubNub’s, which enable Pub/Sub capability for the app. The user data is saved on his/her local machine and the minute-by-minute events of the game are generated.

See, how home and away matches affect the outcome and morale of the teams in real-life games? The same idea is incorporated deep into the game.

So how does it work and what exactly the game do as of now?
The game is still a bit crude (mind the early stages) but does a lot of things right. There is no “League” as of now but it will be there as the groundwork has been laid down already. 
Once you open the app you can see a list of other online players and challenge them for the match. If they pick you too, the battle begins! Each and every move, score, time, commentary and message is synced among the players, thanks to PubNub. The game itself uses a semi-randomized algorithm and expression engine (that generates the commentary of the match in real-time).

How does the game simulate the play?
This is an interesting part. See, how home and away matches affect the outcome and morale of the teams in real-life games? The same idea is incorporated deep into the game. When a match between two players is set up, both clients communicate to each other by sending a random digit. The client with highest digit wins (much like a toss) and that client will host the match i.e. the simulation algorithm and expression engine will run on the host’s (home team) machine and the other client (away team) will get the stream from the host in real-time. This also helps in maintaining the data integrity as the source of data is single and hence no chaotic scenarios will rise.
Each randomized event changes the morale of home and away teams (or variables :P) and it is reflected on both the clients in real-time (again thanks to PubNub’s pub/sub APIs).

There it is! The goal celebrating confetti. Looks better in action

While there is still more to build e.g. league system, improvised expression engine and some bug fixes, you can take a look at the open-source code of Sideline ’18 on Github.

And, yes there is public chat room right in the game too!

Also, if you want, download the latest binaries below

Happy scoring!

Took 2 hours just to decide on this logo