We blindfold ourselves like horseracing horses.

Currently I’m on vacation. I didn’t bring my laptop, as I promised to myself that I will not work.

But I just couldn’t resist to write this piece down.

I’m located in a small town outside of Prague, and this is my office for the day:

Yes, someone is actually getting tattooed right in front of me.

So, why I felt the urgency to write? Because last night while tasting the local brewery (I ended up really drunk), I realized what is the problem with most people of business.

We just do the work. We fail to understand that in order to get the most out of what we do, we must breathe our work in every step we take.

We speak for what we do with other people only when we feel that they will understand it. We read only from people that are related to what we do.

We blindfold ourselves like horseracing horses, aiming only to the finish.

We always want to keep our focus straight, while life is happening around. And you can’t really expect to excel without understanding what’s going on around you.

Don’t just do the work.

Last night, I met some new people. They were half a decade younger than me. Seemed like I had nothing to say to them about the things I do (I still try to explain it to my mother).

But when I said that I’m really interested in video, one dude said he’s working part time as a cameraman for a sports channel.


Today I’ve arranged to meet him, in order for him to teach me the basics of shooting video.

Doing it is as important as talking about it. You never know how’s going to be the guy or the girl listening.

It might be a future partner, a mentor or a new friend.

Cheers ✌

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