Whatever may come.

Last week was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Last Sunday on a family affair I got so drunk that I couldn’t pick my pieces up until Tuesday morning. On Wednesday I had to attend the funeral of a good friend’s father.

I postponed a 1 day trip for Sunday, as on Saturday I had to make a voice-over recording. I went to bed very early on Saturday night and on Sunday I woke up at 6am. to get ready for the trip.

Guess what?

Some of the important stuff for the trip was at my parent’s house. DAMN!

Trip canceled.

Up till now, it looks like my week went to shit. Partially true.

But due to the situation, I had the opportunity to do some things I never thought doing. Let me explain:

  1. On Monday I took a day out of my holidays to superpass a huge hangover #not_normal
  2. On Wednesday, I attended a funeral that made me think how much I miss some of my friends #gratitude
  3. On Thursday, I produced short video on hand poked tattooing. #productivity
  4. On Friday, I wrote a case study article, in 2 hours, only using some data and my experience towards the product I wrote about. #hyper_productivity
  5. On Saturday I did some voice-over. I never really did it in the past, and it was challenging. #motivation_alert
  6. On Sunday I spent the day (and night) at home. I got a fresh tattoo and watched all episodes of the ‘Death Note’ anime series. I had years to watch the series and got me hooked enough to watch everything in a day. #nerd_alert

Hey, I’m trying to make a point here.

My week was amazing. If it was as I planned it, it might not be so good.

But I broke my rules, I had fun, I got challenged, I crafted stuff and finally experienced a strong emotion that we all often leave behind. My week was amazing because it made me a better person.

That’s something to chase. Be that better person and whatever may come, embrace it.

Cheers :)

P.S. Did I mention that I invented a writing game? (I’ll update you with more info)