Teasing, a childish attitude or a way of living?

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It’s been only a few months since we got live on the App Store and I feel the personal need to give you a better picture about the inner reason we are building tizU. In other words, I would like to spare some words to explain why we are doing this, why we are building an app for teasing. So, let me start with a question:

Is teasing a characteristic of someone’s personality, is it in our nature?

Teasing has two definitions according with the Wiki as well, it’s either a bullying action or it’s a playful, flirting behaviour. Let’s forget the hurtful definition and stick to the playful one, which is the most interesting too.

What I realized during the last months, while we’ve been working on the app, is that when you tease someone about something you are actually “flirting”. Yes, flirting. Always. By saying flirting I don’t mean only sexually, but mostly metaphorically. (though, you may still tease sexually, don’t worry it’s totally healthy, even Wiki says that!)

What do I mean? I mean that you do “flirt” with the moment, you are flirting with laughing, with playing, with “tickling”, with the chance of “mocking” your friends, always in a good way though, just for fun, to have stories to tell and remember.

We tease our friends at school, we tease the girl or the boy we fall in love with, we tease the professor at the class, we get teased if our team loses, or if we take the wrong guess at a silly game. “Silly” I said? Not silly, I believe that the best word is: childish. And if you think that everything that is childish is “lost for ever” and never returns, just like childhood, allow me to be opposed to your opinion.

Childish means honest, fresh, genuine, real. Have you ever wondered why those “childish” games are so amusing? Because they’re classical. No matter what your age is, you still have fun with them, cause they’re pure Fun. This goes for teasing too. It is a childish habit that we either, unfortunately, forget as we grow older, as we get filled with our everyday negativity and duties.

This is the problem: The younger ones tend to imitate older people as they are considered to be more mature and since we are being raised taking as granted that elders are wiser and “righter”, we try to look like them. This is how society works. It’s a cycle. Same goes for teasing. Since older ones stop doing spontaneous things and they perceive teasing as a “childish” habit that they did while being young, the young ones follow too and they stop teasing, they stop being less spontaneous.

But let me ask you something:

If older people “know better”, why we are more miserable as we grow old and happier when we remember of our younger ages?

So this gives me the right to propose something else:

Let’s take youth as an example for once and try to imitate them, let’s do more “childish” things. I don’t necessary mean to take your Playmobil or LEGO at the office or just try to do things with less thinking and stop being afraid.

Teasing is the way we have fun with our friends, with our bestfriends or even with strangers. It’s all about “flirting” as we mentioned above, “flirting” with intense moments, “flirting” with life!

And we all want to have stories to remember, not only from our youth, though. It’s time to start thinking less and start teasing more to start feeling more, to live more…

Our Dream is to make Teasing a way of living.

And we’ve been taught since we’ve been young to chase our dreams, so that’s what we’ll do here at tizU, we will chase our dream.

You ought to do the same with yours.

Thanks for reading this!

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