The meaning of success and avoiding the hype

Not letting others define success for you, and finding your own definition.

As an entrepreneur or solopreneur you’ve (like me) probably subscribed to as many business and start-up journals as humanly possible. Knowledge after all is power and lets face it, we’re all looking for that game changing article or book, that will supply some golden nuggets of information that will help “up our game”, and quite possibly propel us to overnight business rockstar status.

For the more realistic amongst us, we know than an article is not the golden fleece and it will most certainly not bring us overnight success. (While hard work, perseverance and patience may well do the trick). I personally find reading books and articles is a great way to gain a different perspective, to mull over new ideas and dissect case studies of other entrepreneur’s endeavours. — Maybe even gaining some motivation. Where I draw the line is when I read any literature which tries to convince me that success is a pre-defined check list of must have commodities and attributes.

The story of my success. — Hertz Car Rental.

Don’t buy into the ladder of success hype. The guy lighting his Cohiba cigar with a $100 note or Mr. Successful standing by a performance car. (That in all probability he’s rented for the day). In most cases that’s the person who is aiming to sell you a $1600 from rages-to-riches, 20 day self-help course. It’s to their advantage to convince you that the only definition of success is theirs. — Get it?

Before you consider jumping into your first start-up or home business, you should clearly define what you’re personal definition of success is. I know that to some of you it may sound like a no-brainer, but in my line of work I’ve come accross many people who have either bought into someone else’s concept of success or have absolutely no idea and are just hoping to find it along the way. Invest time and think hard about what will make you happy and not what others will think. So whether your definition of success is to earn 60,000 a year from your business, which will enable you to dictate the hours you work, or if it is to create a multi-billion dollar company, it’s all good.

There can be an infinite combination of elements that define success. I am a firm believer that it should be sculpted to suit the individual. Live your success model, do it your way and you will find that you’ll be much happier, all those around you will be happier and you’ll also be in pole position to help and inspire other people to define their own success.

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