How To Be A Lion In Human’s Jungle

So, two days ago, I and my girl decided to stay home at night and watch a movie. She is a fan of good movies, although 99% of the time that we watch a movie together, she will fall asleep in the middle of it!

Anyway, the movie was called “War for the planet of apes”. A pretty nice movie based on some intelligent apes who were supposed to be dangerous for the humans.

The reason I am talking about the movie is the fact that it showed the jungle where apes lived. Like apes, humans live in their own jungle. A jungle that, in my opinion, includes more “lions” if you are a “chicken” and more “chickens” if you are a “lion”.

In other words, the awards for the tough people are plenty and the problems for the weak ones are even more than the real jungle. Fair or not, this is the reality and if you are alive you are part of it.

The goal of me writing this today, is to give you an understanding about who are the true “Lions” in our society, and make you believe that everyone can reach that point if he or she fights every single day, no matter if it’s Christmas day, Mother’s Day or day before the end of the world. Nature doesn’t care if people named some specific days of the year, and that’s why you should be ready every day.

What makes you a “Lion”

Before I start explaining what characterizes someone as a lion, I would like to point out that lions are not only men. Women also need to be alphas if they prefer to have a life full of privileges (health, money and great relationships) and not to be miserable.

So, this is my definition of the strong ones:

“Lions” are the people who are in the same time physically, mentally and emotionally strong for the most part of their lives.

And I am explaining it…

Considering that you want to be a strong person you should develop a balance between your physical, emotional and mental world.

When you take care of your body condition by eating the right food, sleeping enough hours and working out often, you have a great possibility, if not 100% possibility, to be physically strong.

Next are your emotions. Our emotions define who we are and guess what… If you cannot handle your negative emotions like anger, depression, and fear you will always be weak. ‘Lions” have control over their emotions and their relationships. They know how to stay calm, build relationships, make people feel happy and be uncertified psychologists. So pay attention to it.

Last but not least, it comes your mental side. You can be the healthiest person in the world and have the best friends you could ever imagine, feeling happy and grateful. However, If you lack focus, concentration and mental discipline your mind won’t be clear and you will eventually achieve less and less and lose what you already have. In life, no one owes us anything, and if you are not mentally strong you will have poor results.

Having 1/3 or 2/3 done is not enough…

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t make discounts. If you want to be called a “Lion”, a complete person or however you want to call it, you need to take care of all three areas every single day. If you don’t and neglect one of them, this one will affect the other two and eventually your whole life.

For instance, if you eat a lot of junk food (physical part) you will gain fat and that may cause problems to your sexual relationships (emotional part) and your concentration for working (mental part). Another example is that if you don’t have a partner or you have few and bad quality friends (emotional part) you will probably lack motivation for studying (mental part) and exercising (physical part) and you will gain weight. Last example, if you are not clear about your goals (mental part) you won’t know what you want from your relationships so eventually you won’t have quality friends and partners (emotional part) and you will never be aware of how important is the regular exercise so you are not gonna be working out or eat healthily and guess again…SICK ALL THE TIME (physical part).

Of course, we are humans and there will be times, that maybe you feel weak emotionally or mentally or physically. This is ok and it needs to happen. However, If you are strong the most of the time, you know the way to strengthen your weak side and improve your life.

The 1-step method

If you read until here, promise me that from now on every day when you wake up and before you sleep you ask this question:

Do I feel physically, emotionally and mentally strong?

If the answer is yes, great! Keep going!

If the answer is no, sit in a comfortable place, breath deeply and try to figure out what’s missing. Just relax and think. After you figure it out what’s the problem, write down some possible solutions and go for them.

Lions never search for excuses, they only fight…