If You Wanna Become A More Social Person You Need To Become A DAD

It is known that one of the most important skills as far as our personal and business world, is the skill of being social. I would even say that it should be on the top three goals of every person who wants to enjoy life and I am gonna explain why.

If the purpose that we exist is our survival and reproduction, then we can easily notice that there are three key factors to achieve that: stay healthy (survival), get money (survival) and have sex (reproduction). Either we like it or not, the part of social interaction is very intense in the last two factors and that will never change. On the one hand, if you don’t have the right social skills to “sell yourself” during a job interview you will eventually not be accepted and lose the opportunity. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to seduce a woman/man you will never know how your kids would look like and be miserable.

Both of the above examples make real sense, however, people tend to avoid taking care of their social skills, making the same mistakes again and again without even realizing them. For explanatory purposes, I created one category for this kind of people, called “BAD”. Considering the mistakes they fall into, they belong to one of the subcategories below:

“B” For “Begging For Attention”

Here can be someone who feels that doesn’t have social power and value, thus, he begs to get the attention from people who are higher in the social hierarchy. These people feel that they have nothing to offer so they constantly try to acquire value from others.

“A” For “Attacking To Compete”

In this category, people appear competitive in a way that kills their social potential. By that, I mean that they only feel happy and valuable if they can only beat everyone around them. When they feel that someone else has more value than them, they start attacking them and this often occurs in a verbal way.

“D” For “Decreasing Others’ Value”

Last but not least, we have Ds who don’t feel as valuable as others in the room and they will try to decrease the value of everyone else rather than raise their own value. They usually “achieve” it by insulting, being aggressive and loud.

If you just found out that you belong to one of the three subcategories above, take a deep breathe and relax. Nothing is permanent and you can change the situation. How? The answer is simple: People find attractive those who can provide them with VALUE. If you provide people with value you are a valuable person and everyone wants to be next to a valuable person to get his value and feel great and valuable! And now you are gonna ask me: “What does it have value for other people?”. Nice question. The answer can be anything. One example could be a good sense of humour. Humour contains a high amount of social value as when people laugh they produce endorphins and they instantly feel happier. Another could be compassion. When you listen carefully to the other’s problems and concerns, you provide them with a great amount of value because they feel important at the moment. There are plenty of examples and if you make a little research you can find even more.

The category of people who apply this kind of techniques is called “DAD”. In every family, the dads are the providers. In social dynamics, DADs are the social value providers, those who gain value by making others feel happier and more valuable. Those people are satisfied only when he is able to improve the lives of others around him, and that’s a quality that both man and woman find attractive. In this way, it’s easy to spot a “DAD” personality because they are constantly making people feel good saying nice things and bringing positive emotions.

So, it’s up to you to decide in which category you want to belong. BAD or DAD?!