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Dear future me,

I’ve come to write to you to ask and tell you a few things. Please, sit down. Take a few deep breaths, and read on.

I’m ******, I’ve been on this earth for nearly 16 years. I’m about to go through the toughest years of my life, and though I’ve felt bad before, I know it’s only going to get worse from here.

I decided to write to you because I want my life to move on from this point. What I’m trying to do is to make this an outlet. And I know I won’t get any replies from you, but I want to thank you for taking time to read this.

If you remember writing this, great. Now think about him, the boy you liked probably since the last semester of 8th grade. If not, well let me tell you a few things about him.

He’s a movie fanatic, but he’s really picky when it comes to the movies he watches. If he won’t learn from it, he probably won’t watch it. He doesn’t like reading. That’s one thing we don’t get along with. We’ve tried telling him to read, we’ve lent him books, but he gives them back the next day without reading a single line (well, maybe the front cover). He’s a smartass, he’s intelligent in his own way. Maybe not academically, but he sure knows a lot of things. He loves history, that’s his strongest subject. He wants to be a film maker in the future.


He’s extremely stubborn. I’m talking to him as I write this, and he just told me some joke (it wasn’t even funny!). He’d argue with us until he’s managed to get under our skin. He’s going to do his very best to make sure he gets the last word every. damn. time. He’s crazy, but we love him, or at least I do (I wouldn’t really know about you).

Anyway, if you remember him, great. If not, well you probably do, he’s not someone you just forget. Well, he’s been…distant these past few days, and although he seems fine, I can sense that there’s something going on in his head. He’s distracting himself with schoolwork instead of enjoying the short break. Recently, a friend of ours told him about his friend liking me/us. He laughed it out but he seemed concerned. He called us princess for crying out loud! And I know it’s not proper that I assume it’s because he’s jealous, but I can’t help it if I feel so strongly about him. It just seems right that we end up together despite only knowing he may have or he may have HAD a crush on us. Ack!

What I wanted since the beginning of writing (typing) this was a favor from you. I wanted to ask you to think about everything that’s happened between us and boy from today (the day I’m writing this) until the time that you read this. Done? Now thank God for everything. It’s weird to ask you of this, because why would you so, but just know that the reason I’m asking this of you is because I’m at the verge of letting him go. I’m not certain yet whether I will or I won’t, and surely I have no idea that if I do, if we will meet him again, and learn him again. But all I’m sure of is that as of now, he has been one of the most important people in my/our life, and also in the shortest period of time.

Remember him and cherish all the little memories. If you happen to meet him again, thank him.

I love you! Hang on in there! We have a bright future ahead! ☺


ur old self :P

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