Papaly discontinued? Best alternative as of 2018

Papaly bookmark manager was a startup founded in 2014 in Palo Alto, California. It allows you to create boards of links to your favourite content around the web and either keep them private or share them with others. In addition, you are able to manage your current bookmarks into boards or start new board by saving new links with using their extensions. After the initial success, interest has waned.

Recently Papaly has encounter technical problems with a number of avid users detailing how they are unable to access their bookmarks, fearful they will lose their beloved bookmarks for good they have been seeking an alternative. The Redit channel highlights large numbers of frustrated users seeking an alternative and posting the bookmark recovery procedure. Recently their feedback forum has been disabled and returns “Error 404: Account Has Been Deleted” which could signify user related issues. AlternativeTo shows the service has been discontinued as of October 2018. Their Blog also died a while ago.

About 12 months ago Papaly began displaying ads. Perhaps as a way of staying profitable as their best selling point of social bookmarks can easily be replicated using Github. Back then users flocked in their troves to detail their frustrations on numerous forums however little has changed.

I have reviewed Aurora Bookmark Manager previously upon it’s original release and much has changed changed since. The user base has increased drastically, and stability has improved significantly.

The best part of Aurora is their Google sync architecture, this ensures nil running costs and outage issues. Your hard work in organizing boards and lists should never be lost as long you have access to your Google account. There are no third-party servers involved either and because of this Aurora has seen a surge of new users recently.

Users of Aurora love that bookmarks can be accessed on any computer, anytime. It provides added security of Google servers and runs fast and smooth. It looks and feels similar to Papaly with its boards, lists and stunning daily 5k wallpapers. Aurora comes with many additional features which makes is superior to Papaly, it integrates with numerous To-Do providers, is able to load unlimited wallpapers from Unsplash, it has built in weather forecast, sticky notes, voice search and more…

By default, Aurora runs on Google Chrome as extension but thanks to Chrome Store Foxified it can also be used with Firefox.

Best of all it’s FREE to use & AD FREE. Recently the developers have introduced a donation feature where users can voluntary donate a small sum of $5 to aid further developments. A fantastic idea which helps to maintain an already great product & future enhancements. Being an extension only Aurora Bookmark Manager does not need an expensive servers so their operational costs are much lower too.

As per recent hacking scandals on numerous large companies the developers highlight that security is a top priority, meaning your data does not travel to external servers and will always stay within your Google account as with the rest of your personal information.

If you are still uncertain if this is a good switch for you then check out Auroras reviews which so far are mostly 5*. There are more bookmark managers out there but a lot rely on expensive external servers, subscriptions and custom setups. They also do not offer UI based on boards and lists. If you are looking for an easy switch and almost effortless setup, Aurora is your choice.

At this stage I think the Aurora is the best — if not a better — alternative to Papaly.

Try Aurora New Tab & Bookmark Manager



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