5 Tips to Qualtrics

Collecting qualitative data has never been easier thanks to Qualtrics. For those unfamiliar, Qualtrics is a survey software that allows users to create and distribute online surveys. In today’s fast paced world, the use of technology has become extremely vital in reaching out to people. It’s easier to reach out to someone by sending a text rather than calling them, or sending an email rather than mailing them a handwritten letter. Well, the same goes for surveys. With a click of a button, a survey can be sent out all across the world, making it easier than ever to collect data. What’s even better, is that users have to option to take the survey via phone or computer, which is great if your respondents live a busy lifestyle.

Navigating your way around Qualtrics can be a headache for first time users, so in case you want to bypass the Advil, here are some tips and tools for building your survey.

1. Short, Sweet, and to the Point

When creating a survey, don’t bombard your respondents with lengthy questions. This will most likely deter them from taking your survey because of the time it takes to read through and answer each question. Respondents are taking time out of their day so it is important to make the survey as convenient as possible. For more tips on making your survey short and sweet, take a look at Keeping it Simple.

2. Know Your Audience

Remember that your respondents shouldn’t have to decipher code when taking a survey. Use terms that your respondents can easily understand. Just because you know certain technical terms doesn’t mean that your audience will also.

3. Ballot Stuffing

Typically, you want to try and prevent people from taking your survey more than once. This is considered ballot stuffing, which can interfere with your results. Fortunately, Qualtrics has a way of preventing respondents from taking the survey more than once. While on the survey page, if you click survey options, there is a section for survey protection. There, you can click on the button to prevent ballot box stuffing. Qualtrics also offers a step-by-step run down on Ballot Stuffing.

4. Always Test Your Survey

This is probably obvious to most, but it is extremely important to test your survey before sending it out. By doing so, you will more than likely find an error or two (if not more). Make sure that it all makes sense and the look and feel of the survey flow.

5. Get the Most Out of Your Data

After the survey has been closed, you will be able to concisely view all of your data. Using the “Reports” button, Qualtrics allows you to view each question in multiple ways. What’s great about this, is that Qualtrics has a visualization tool that allows you to view each questions in different formats.

Ways to View Your Data

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At first glance, Qualtrics can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a walk in the park. Even knowing just a few tips and tricks can make it that much easier for you to successfully distribute your survey.

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