Creating Uniformity In A Group Blog

Group blogs can provide a variety of unique perspectives in creating a vibrant blog with colorful content ideas and perceptions. The ability to collaborate and bounce off of one another’s ideas is one of the various facets of a group blog. With the right attitude and a great team, wonderful things can transpire and grow.

It can be greatly beneficial to find a team member or department to work with when creating the focus and direction of the group blog because they provide unique and different perspectives. You should create a blog plan with your department containing detailed instructions so that every group member easily creates uniformity in structure, submission, and promotion details. The instructions should provide a clear direction for the organization of a blog. The plan can entail submission times, rules for links and images, expected word count, and promotion information. The plan may also include tips and helpful links to help generate successful blog posts. By giving everyone the same packet with the same information regarding writing style and expectations, the uniformity shows in structure. Each individual team member should come up with their own focus for blog topics and story pitches that shows diversity in writing style and voice.

The ability to maintain group schedules is also vital in maintaining uniformity. This can easily be done by creating a shared online folder with documents regarding a detailed schedule, a copy of the blog plan, and individual documents with the name and title of each member’s post. Using one blog account with many voices can be successfully managed as long as there is consistency posting times and structure. In addition, labeled content calendars shared with the group can help everyone keep on task and make the editing process run smoothly.

Editing plays a crucial role in providing uniformity while showcasing many bloggers’ voices. The editing process should keep the same limited number of editors with the same equal understanding for the direction of the blog, but it is necessary to have more than one set of eyes edit each post. Each editor should have strong writing skills; however it is also important for the editors to have a deep understanding of digital content and online media. Having different editors carefully read and revise each post throughout the week could potentially create room for structural differences in each post. You should edit for syntax and grammar to easily allow different voices to surface in each post. Because each blogger should have an already approved topic idea, there shouldn’t be too many discrepancies in the content of each post. When the revision process begins, editors should be checking for context, consistency, prevalence, correctness, clarity, and efficiency.

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Although uniformity is nice for brand recognition in a saturated digital content world, it is most important to maintain individual voices in a group blog setting. The audience should know it is a group blog, so make sure each person signs off with a signature introducing his or herself. This will help the audience and readers relate to the authors and keep them reading a variety of content from many writers.

“My name is Haley Moore, and I’m in the digital media department for Appalachian Insights. In my little free time, I play many instruments, but my primary instruments are piccolo and trombone. I spent the past four years traveling the country with the WVU Marching Band. Follow me through our journey on Twitter at @tweetlikehaley”

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