Extreme Organization: Group Blog Edition

Group blogs certainly have their benefits and advantages. They bring different perspectives to the table on similar topics that all live in one collective blog. However, group blogs post have their fair share of challenges as well. Deciding how to organize a collaborative blog is one of the largest problems when starting a blog with many different writers. Here are a few key topics to address when organizing a group blog:

  • Blog plan
  • Blog schedule
  • Blog posting
  • Blog promotion

First off, create a blog plan. Write step-by-step instructions for your writers to ensure while different in content, every post is created and posted in uniformity. Successful group blogs like this cannot be possible without a strategy. The blog plan should be as detailed as possible and provide the writers with a clear guide to follow. Throughout the process of organizing the blog and making final choices, keep revising the blog plan and updating it as these decisions happen.

Next on the list, provide team members with a blog schedule. Determine when the writers should complete their blog posts. Be sure to keep editing time in mind when creating the schedule. It is for the best to allot space for revisions or edits between completing the blog and publishing it. You would not want the blog to end up on a list of terrible typos.

After scheduling, make verdicts on how the blogs might be posted. Will everyone who writes a blog have access to the account and publish their own blog posts? Will only a few team members have access and post them all? The logistics of this should be determined before the posts are ready to be put on the blog. Time and date are another thing to consider when picking a schedule that works best for the team members and online engagement. There are certain days of the week and times of day that do not get as much traffic on websites than others. Be aware of successful times to post and incorporate it into your plans.

The final consideration in ensuring that a group blog is as organized as possible when deciding how to promote the blog. Promoting is a strategy to endorse a blog that aids in gaining readers and support. With a group blog, this means more people to help with the promotion process and share the link on their own personal social medias. However, this can become a bit chaotic when you are unsure of who is sharing what and where. Like posting the blog, there specific times where the promotion are more likely to be seen by a higher number of people. Keep all of this in mind while choosing when and where to promote the posts.

Group blogs can be a great space to share, inform, or connect with an audience through multiple voices. The possibilities of blog themes are endless and teams work hard everyday to create posts for readers. Just be remember that in order to run a successful blog, you must have an organized blog first.

“My name is Tahnee Thompson and I am in the blog department at Appalachian Insights. My oldest living pet is an 11-year-old turtle named Bill. Follow me through our journey- @tnthompson13.”