Importance of an Effective Logo

A majority of the time your logo is the first element a consumer sees of your brand. If a brand was a person, the logo would be the face. With all the clutter that has come with technology, you want your logo to stand out among all the other companies and brands out today. Let’s start by looking at two ideas that make a good logo.


According to Complex, the Nike Swoosh logo is one of the most recognizable logos on the planet yet is a simple Swoosh. The brilliance lies within the simplicity. When people see the swoosh,, they automatically recognize the company people are wearing or that is being advertised to them. The logo originally included Nike at the top of the logo but was dropped in 1995 to make the Swoosh even simpler. Even with the dropping of the brand name, the logo is still the most recognized logo to this day.


Some people will argue Coke v. Pepsi till they’re blue in the face, but no matter what your drink preferences are, Coke has one thing Pepsi will never have: logo consistency. While Coke has not stuck to their original logo design, they have not strayed to far from the cursive Coca-Cola that is so recognizable today. The same can not be said for Pepsi. Originally, Pepsi’s design was similar to the Coke logo we all know today. Pepsi has re-branded themselves and changed their logo many times throughout the history of their company, which has made for a less than memorable logo. If you ask a person on the street to describe the Coke logo you might get a more accurate answer than if you asked the same person to describe the ever-changing Pepsi logo.

Now that you know what makes a good logo, let’s look at why you need one. These ideas of simplicity and consistency can make for a memorable logo. A memorable logo can really help expand your brand and brand identity. When people see your logo you want them to immediately recognize your brand. A recognizable logo can help lead to a successful business, which is what we are all after!

A memorable logo helps connect the consumer with the brand. According to Hotcakes Commerce memorable logos, especially when your consumers can not touch your products, help immensely. Without the ability to touch products, it’s harder to start a conversation about the company. A strong logo will get people talking about your company, which builds your brand.

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