The Importance of Passion When Guiding a Project

Passion covers a wide array of emotions: love to anger, hatred to joy. It is a driving factor that pushes people to cross their boundaries and explore, bringing energy and value to life.

What is most interesting is how we function without it; we become unmotivated, discouraged and fail to tap into our creative juices. We start to acknowledge that our work could be better, but how?

Many factors contribute to the success (or failure) of a project. Objectives, attitudes, preparation of team members and attention to detail are all crucial influencers that determine how a project will go.

However, no matter how prepared and organized a project may be, it will never reach its full potential without passion at the foundation. An accomplished project goes beyond a team that has thorough communication and meets the minimum requirements. It requires guidance by a passionate creative with a vision. Here’s why passion is imperative when taking on a new project:

Passion is a Motivator

We all know someone who seems to get everything done the right way, the first time. Sometimes, we find ourselves envious of these people, I mean they’re successful, intelligent AND happy. Chances are, they really care about the work they’re doing.

Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean if you’re unhappy with your workload that you no longer care about your project. Perhaps instead it means that you need to change your perspective about the work you are doing.

If we look past the late work nights and stress that comes with working with difficult people, we can pinpoint the reason we do this work in the first place. Ask yourself, “What am I doing here? What is my intention?”

This goes with anything in life, not just the workplace. If you are a part of something, why not love it? We should be careful to never put our name on something we are not proud of.

Often people do not follow their passion because they worry they will not make any money in that particular area of interest. But in the long run, they end up feeling regretful because they are not happy in the career path they chose. LifeHack offers some advice on why following your heart is better than pursuing a larger income.

Passion Creates Innovative Work

At the source of creating something is a pursuit of discovery. The people who are unafraid to venture off into unclaimed territory are not afraid of taking risks because they know sometimes it takes risk to discover something great.

Passion lets us delve deeper into our imagination and come closer to an understanding of ourselves and the way our minds work, making it a geyser of creativity. The benefits of this passion are exemplified in the final product, presentation or performance.

When passion is shown in your work, it is an inspiration for others to find their own passions or learn more about the work you make. It is an emotion that everyone is appealed to, which adds relevance to the message you are communicating in your work.

Passion is Obvious

A huge benefit of being passionate in your work is the inherent pride and integrity that comes through in the final product.

It does not take an expert to know when someone is or is not passionate about the work they are producing. To be clear; passion is not trying to sell anyone anything. That is one of the most common misconceptions when differentiating a great sales pitch from a passionate finalized body of work.

The result of passionate work is a reflection of the inner self. It is a statement that says, “I believe this to be true and here is why it is important,” as opposed to, “You should believe this, and buy into that.”

Passion excites people, even if they do not share the same interests. Steve Irwin was fascinated with crocodiles. Chef Massimo Bottura is passionate about re-defining Italian food. Arvo Pärt was fascinated with using mathematical rhythm to make music.

Passion can be felt for anything, and when it is there, it is easily seen. Find your passion and you can redefine the whole field. If you find that you are not happy where you are, whether that be in your career, social life, or personal life — do not be discouraged. There are many ways for you to find your passion, and the best news is that you can change or add to your list of passions your whole life!

Passion is essential to lead a project and is also necessary in many pursuits of life. Never settle for mediocrity when it comes to the things you care about most. It is important that integrity and pride reflect in your work. If you believe in the work you are producing, others will be sure to follow.

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