The Land-Grant University, WVU

As a land-grant university, WVU has an obligation to serve the state of West Virginia and commit service to not only Morgantown, but local communities across the state. In a March 2016 speech by university president Gordon Gee, he expresses WVU’s land-grant mission is to strengthen education, healthcare, and prosperity.

From President Gee’s speech in 2016 he states, “We will reinvent education for our young people, on our campuses, throughout our state and beyond. We will transform health care for our citizens. We will cultivate prosperity in our communities. And we will do it now, because time is of the essence.”

In their commitment to education, the university has pledged to provide high school teachers with training and expertise through WVUTeach, an innovative STEM educator preparation program. This program aims to support 25 high school educators in five school districts across the state.

The university is also committed to defeating health care problems affecting residents across the state. West Virginia is the leading state in the nation for drug overdoses. WVU Medicine has pledged to join the fight against prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction across the state.

Lastly, the university is committed to prosperity across the state. Through BrandJRNY, the Reed College of Media has shown that they are committed to helping out the communities in this state. BrandJRNY is a Benedum-funded community branding initiative, that aims to revitalize West Virginia communities. This initiative, led by faculty at the Reed College with an expertise for branding and a passion to help their state, went into three communities across the state and revitalized the towns.

This project leads to Appalachian Insights, a research collaborative that has the potential to become the go-to resource for collaboration across the state and the Appalachian region. With the expertise of research faculty and the passion they have to serve the state, this collaborative could one day become the vehicle for community based projects and become a defining part of West Virginia University’s commitment to serve the state as a land-grant institute.

“My name is Steven Devine, and I am a research associate at Appalachian Insights. A wise man once told me, “always give 100%, unless you are giving blood.” Follow me on Twitter @iamsteveydee if you want to have a laugh or see a bunch of tweets about hockey.”