A better enterprise app store for Android

Because enterprise software shouldn’t be boring, we have redesigned our Android private app store from the ground up.

Appaloosa is now the most elegant enterprise app store on the market.

What, when, how?

Our discussions with customers and within the team led to the following general guidelines:

  • Phone first. Most of our enteprise end-users were using their app store from a phone, not a tablet. The design should adapt larger screens without necessarily be designed for tablets.
  • Designed for the end-user, not IT. Again, there’s no reason to make boring software for enterprise users. We’ve seen it before and we really don’t think enterprise means bunker grey paint. Our users will probably launch Google Play and Appaloosa during the same day. We shouldn’t bring less polish to the experience.
  • Developer friendly. There are two use cases for a private app store. One is for delivering apps to employees or partners, another to deliver B2E/B2B apps to beta testers. The app store needs to address both in a simple way.
  • Engaging. As customers have influence on developers on public app stores, we want users to engage in reviews and feedback to help enterprise devs in improving their apps.

The v2 development started in November and was structured in 4 milestones:

  1. Design
  2. v1 feature complete, with v2's new design
  3. Internal and external beta testing
  4. New v2 features integration and release

We’re now ready for release, lets go through what’s new!

One last look in the rear mirror

RIP old app store (2012–2014). We won’t miss you.

New design & features

The store icon can be customized with your own name and logo.
A colorful-er login screen. Colors can be customized to fit your own brand’s identity.
The new homescreen, with admin-define featured app, like public app stores.
Apps can now be easily browsed with categories & filters. All apps are always available through infinite scrolling.
Simple icon+description fields now complemented by a banner + a short catchphrase. All actions are clearly visible from one screen.
The longer description and detailed build information are always available.
Ratings are welcome and users can leave a comment.
Also see what others have to say!
Instant search, with direct install/open actions!
Users flagged as developers have an extra button to switch to earlier versions.
A developer time machine, included in the app store.
Push notifications, for every new or updated app.

…And so many other nice, invisible things.

Invisible to the end-users eye are

  • automated crash reports, for us to improve support with the variety of Android devices out there and changing contexts such as networking or storage space available,
  • device security checks, to make sure that corporate apps aren’t installed on rooted devices (coming in next iteration),
  • device blacklisting, to prevent unauthorized access to the store from a lost/stolen device or by a former employee.

How to get this update?

All Appaloosa Enteprise have this update available as of today. Future customers can get in touch via email to set up their own private enterprise app store. This new design is currently available on Android and will ship on iOS soon.

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