Continuous integration with Bitrise and Appaloosa

Do you know Bitrise? It’s a SaaS service enabling iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery, with dozens of integrations for your favourite services. It’s Xcode in the cloud, on steroids.

We’re using Bitrise to generate native app stores for our customers on iOS and we love it. Their service is great and support is stellar.

We’ve been working on introducing an integration with their service for the past week and we’re live now.

Wondering what’s the benefit? Here’s a visual breakdown:

With Bitrise, you get the benefits of having a mobile factory in the cloud.
With Appaloosa, you can deploy to your testers and users and get feedback.

Workflow example with build, unit test and deploy to Appaloosa
Look for Appaloosa in the integrations segment, or search inside bitrise when you add a step.

All Bitrisers, you should use BITRISE as promocode when signin-up to get 20% off on all plans :)