Local Payments: New Feature to boost the AppCoins Ecosystem

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Aug 13 · 2 min read

In order to keep AppCoins' goal of increasing the volume of the AppCoins ecosystem agents (Developers, App Stores, OEM’s and Users) and consequently the usage of the AppCoins Protocol, we have just launched a new feature: Local Payments.

From now on, the AppCoins Wallet has two new local payment methods that allow users to make in-app purchases in their favorite games. So far, we have this implemented in India, using Paytm, and Indonesia with GoPay, which happens to be the biggest payment method in these countries.

The initiative is part of a strategy to give the opportunity to the unbanked to become themselves spenders in the app economy, boosting the core development of the AppCoins ecosystem.

The more payment options we can offer, the more users can enjoy an app economy where sometimes they are excluded from due to the fact that they do not have a bank account, especially in some emerging markets like India and Indonesia. This will also be beneficial to developers and app stores alike that sometimes have the challenge to monetize in some of these markets” says Tiago Alves, VP Asia Pacific.

This is an initial period for testing alternative local payment methods. Based on the results that we will achieve in India and Indonesia, the idea is to keep working with CODA and add more local payment options across the globe (~50 different alternative methods in ~10 emerging economies).

Get to know more about local payments methods by watching these videos:

Here´s How to pay using GoPay in Indonesia

How to pay using Paytm in India

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