New User Incentives Program Now Live on Aptoide App Store

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Feb 8 · 2 min read

How is AppCoins Encouraging Users to Contribute to the Dynamic of the Ecosystem?

AppCoins seeks to increase the added value of the protocol for its users by rewarding them for their purchase activities. One of the ways we have been able to successfully achieve this is by developing different User Incentives Programs.

During December, for instances, we released two different programs with the purpose of rewarding users for integrating and using the AppCoins Protocol: the Users Incentives Program and the Holiday AppCoins Program. Today we are releasing a new one — The Valentine’s Day Program (mobile only).

Valentine’s Day

As a token of our appreciation, today we’re launching a new incentives program that rewards users with APPC Credits. Similar to the Holiday AppCoins Program, the Valentine’s Day Program will be launched within the Aptoide App Store, and it will reward users with APPC Credits by merely installing an app included in the Valentine’s bundle. The APPC Credits can then be used to buy lives, weapons, gems, and other powerful in-app items that will help the user progress within the game, effortlessly and quickly.

The program will go live today (February 8th), and will continue to be active until the cap of 125K APPC Credits is reached. You can watch the tutorial below to find out how it works.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to enter the Valentine’s Day Program and get APPC Credits

Ongoing User Incentives Program

The Users Incentives Program was launched within the AppCoins Wallet, and it allows users to get a bonus of up to 30% in APPC Credits to spend on in-app-purchases for each purchase they make. The amount of APPC C the user receives depends on his/hers in-app spending level, and the rewards can then be used to make more in-app purchases. The goal is to incentivize the user to make more in-app purchases, in order to level up and get more and more bonuses. This Program is still up and running, and you can participate here.

Step-by-step tutorial of AppCoins User Incentives Program

Holiday AppCoins Program

On the other hand, the Holiday AppCoins Program was launched within the Aptoide App Store — to test how easy it would be for the regular non-crypto user to use the wallet. Users could earn up to 40 AppCoins Credits to spend on in-app purchases by merely installing an app and claiming their APPC Credits. This Program ended on December 15th, and the results were incredible with 125K APPC Credits being given to users in 13 days.

While the programs may be different in terms of structure and rewards, all of them share the same purpose: incentivize users to integrate and use the protocol by rewarding them for their purchase activities.

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