Try out the AppCoins Flows with our Airdrop!

We are giving APPC for free to help our community test the new flows integrating the AppCoins protocol.

As the reader may already know after reading ANU #9, we’ve released the new version of the AppCoins Protocol, which means we’ve released the new alpha version of the ASF Wallet, ASF SDK, and the smart contracts that power the protocol in the blockchain, also known as “Gosling Release”. Consequently, we will present our community with a first-hand opportunity for testing the functionalities we’ve already released: In-App Purchases (IAP) and Advertising.

While the former lets users buy in-app items using APPC, the latter enables developers to reward users for paying attention to and using their apps. Therefore, we’ll be conducting an Airdrop during the next few days so that our community can test and experiment with the AppCoins Protocol, and hopefully give us feedback about it. Users can download apps with the ASF SDK integrated by using the Aptoide Dev app.

Here are the terms for each Airdrop:

  • 10 APPC and 0.005 ETH
  • Every 36 minutes (40 airdrops per day)
  • Unique IP address
  • Unique Ethereum wallet address
  • Network: Main Network (Ethereum)

The airdrop consists of us giving our users APPC and ETH, through the ASF Wallet, to test the aforementioned flows. It will be conducted exclusively on the main network, since this is the network users will be rewarded with real monetary value. On the main network, for each airdrop the user will receive in the ASF Wallet a total of 10 APPC and 0.005 ETH. The APPC will allow users to purchase items within the apps and the ETH will cover the fees for any of the transactions done in any of the flows (IAP and Advertising).

Airdrop on the ASF Wallet

An airdrop is conducted every 36 minutes, following a request from an unique IP and Ethereum wallet address. To be eligible for the airdrop, the user must have the ASF Wallet installed - the latest version is available on Aptoide and Google Play. After downloading the app, the user should create a wallet and then click on the “TRY” button that appears on the home screen.(image above) A pop up with a captcha will appear for the user to complete the process. Once the captcha is validated, the user will receive the APPC and ETH in the wallet, being automatically ready to test both of the aforementioned flows.

Here is the simplified process, as explained previously. Try it now and test your APPC!

Step 1: Download the ASF Wallet, Step 2: Collect APPC and ETH with the Airdrop, Step 3: Download Aptoide Dev to test the IAP and Advertising Flows
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