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Pippin is a High Performance, Production-Ready Developer Wallet for Nano and BANANO

Imagine that you wanted to integrate Nano — the fee-less, instant, and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency, or BANANO — the fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency into your application. Whether it’s an exchange, casino, faucet, game, store, or vending machine— one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out how to interface with a wallet.

Intimidating right? Luckily if you peruse the Nano Documentation you’ll quickly find out that Nano has a developer wallet built-in, right into the node! It has a full set of APIs that lets you create accounts, send Nano, receive Nano, etc.

But then when you read a little more about it and see that the developer wallet isn’t recommended for production integrations, it’s tightly coupled to a node, and what if you have disk space or bandwidth constraints? Running a full node probably isn’t something that you want to do. The answer to these problems is external key management . But what does that mean? Well, it basically means writing your own wallet, manually crafting and signing blocks, and using any node(s) to publish the block. All while taking proper precautions along the way to make sure blocks are confirmed and avoiding duplicate transactions. Today we’re announcing a new developer wallet that gives you external key management and incredibly high performance right out of the…

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Flutter is a modern mobile app development framework that lets you develop beautiful, highly performant apps in very little time. At Appditto we already have multiple Flutter applications in production — including open source projects like Natrium, Kalium, and Blaise. The biggest pain point of our development process has been the testing, building, and deploying process for all of our apps.

The old way…without CI/CD or Fastlane

If you’ve ever gotten any mobile application into production you can understand the general process, usually it looks like this:

  1. Run tests…and wait
  2. Tag the release
  3. Build the signed android binary (.aab or .apk) …and wait
  4. Login to the Google Play Developer Console and create a new…

Natrium has come a long way since its inception more than a year ago — it quickly became the most preferred mobile wallet for NANO users around the world. Our own definition of Natrium is Fast, Robust, & Secure NANO Wallet. We take all three of those principles very seriously with Natrium and, thanks to the Nano Foundation, we were able to take security to the next level.

Natrium Security Audit

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Natrium audited by Red4Sec — No critical vulnerabilities.

The Nano Foundation connected us with Red4Secan experienced, trusted security firm that has a lot of experience auditing and reviewing cryptocurrency projects, blockchains, and more. Red4Sec conducted a comprehensive security audit and they found that Natrium had no critical vulnerabilities. They had some recommendations to prevent lower risk vulnerabilities that require a higher skill, depend on certain factors — such as being rooted, or are related to protecting less sensitive information such as your public NANO address. …

Blaise is a next-generation wallet for the PascalCoin cryptocurrency. PascalCoin is infinitely scalable, decentralized, and offers many advanced features. PascalCoin is capable of zero-fee, instant transactions, storing data on-chain, smart contracts, and more. Blaise is now available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store!

Blaise 1.0 is Now Available!

After a month of beta testing and new developments, Blaise is now available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store!

Blaise is a simple, sleek & secure Pascal wallet
Blaise is a simple, sleek & secure Pascal wallet
Blaise is a simple, sleek & secure Pascal wallet

PascalCoin & Unique Challenges

PascalCoin is an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency with a lot of innovative features including zero-fee transactions, on-chain unique account names, a community-driven governance structure, and much more.

PascalCoin’s unique design comes with some unique challenges that many consider a barrier for adoption…

Blaise is a next-generation wallet for the Pascal cryptocurrency. Pascal is infinitely scalable, decentralized, and offers many advanced features. Pascal is capable of zero-fee, instant transactions, storing data on-chain, smart contracts, and more.

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Meet with Blaise: Simple, Sleek & Secure Pascal Wallet

What is Blaise?

Blaise is an all-new wallet developed with Google’s Flutter framework. It is being developed as part of the Pascal Improvement Proposal (PIP) #31. The goal has been to create an intuitive, secure wallet that supports both the essential and advanced features the Pascal blockchain is capable of.

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Send & Receive Pascal, Manage Your Operations

The Technology Behind the Blaise Wallet

We developed Blaise Wallet using the latest in mobile application frameworks, Flutter. …

A little over a month ago we released Natrium 2.0 — a next-generation mobile wallet for NANO . This upgrade has now been fully rolled out to the Google Play Store, and some new features and improvements have been rolled out the the iOS App Store as well.

Natrium is a Next-Generation App for a Next-Generation Cryptocurrency

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All new Natrium features are now available on Android

Natrium is a wallet built for NANO that is built using the fast, native cross-platform framework — Flutter. Natrium is fast and it’s full of features: Paper wallet / seed sweeping, push notifications, multiple accounts, contacts, numerous currency conversions and translations, and more.

Representatives & Decentralization

Decentralization is a key component to making NANO network stronger. Because of this, we started focusing on the things that can speed up this process and make it easier. Today we have the first result of our efforts: We are adding a pre-populated list of representatives that have a relatively small voting-weight — provided by My Nano Ninja. This makes choosing a quality representative incredibly easy — just tap “Pick From a List” button and pick a representative, no need to go search for a representative and copy paste the address. But if you want to do that, you still can with the “Manual Entry” button. …

Natrium — a mobile wallet for the NANO currency — is now available on the iOS App Store!

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Natrium is an intuitive, user-friendly mobile wallet for the NANO cryptocurrency. Natrium 1.0 was originally released in November on Android and the reaction to the release was overwhelmingly positive. Since then, we’ve been investing hundreds of hours on the next generation of Natrium.

Natrium 2.0 was rewritten from the ground up using Flutter, a cross-platform framework that allows Android and iOS apps to share the same codebase while also providing native-performance.

We’ve added many new features since Natrium’s initial release — most notably the ability to redeem paper wallets instantly. We’re excited to announce some big new features that are available today. …



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