New toolbar for better video conversations

We’ve listened to your feedback and given our toolbar an overhaul in time for Christmas! The new toolbar makes it easier to find the controls for your video and is now consistent with the iOS design. We’ve also moved the supersize button to the top right corner of your video as an extra holiday surprise! 🎅

What the new toolbar looks like: Sticker reactions, Share screen, pink exit conversation button, Mute and Video control buttons.

Why bother moving it?

There were several reasons for the move. Previously the controls were hidden until hovering over your video, which made it confusing and a bit difficult to find them.

When your video frame is small, as it often is if you have enlarged someone else who typically is screen sharing, the buttons were hard to locate. We also knew from feedback that some users didn’t know about muting and screen sharing.

Now the features are easy to find no matter the size and number of video frames on your screen. They even have labels so you don’t have to interpret what that “computer icon” really means. And as a little christmas bonus we even added a new button for leaving conversations.

The toolbar is now consistent with the iOS toolbar design making it more intuitive for users who use both platforms, making it more intuitive when changing your device.

We are happy to see early reactions to the new toolbar 😀

Sticker reactions

From the user feedback we also knew that it took too long to fire stickers. We wanted to do something about this! The idea to show stickers on your video came from our iOS developer, who was always participating in standup from the bus. Instead of speaking (because there was noise around him), he would always give a thumbs up. Therefore we thought it would be cool to introduce the ability to communicate different emotions with a sticker! Until now, the stickers have been too hidden under the hover, making it hard to react fast in a conversation. In the new toolbar they are right there in the always visible toolbar and much quicker to use!

Supersize button

Being able to enlarge a shared screen is an important part of communicating effectively. We wanted to have a dedicated place for the supersize button, so that it is easy to always find it in the same place. It now lives in the top right corner of any video/shared screen frame!


User feedback is the most valuable and constructive measurement to ensure keeps getting better. Now that the toolbar is moved out from your video frame it’s easier to find and you always have access to it no matter the amount of people in a conversation. So thanks, guys! We appreciate your feedback from here to Jupiter and back 🙌

Happy Holidays!