THREE: Enthusiasm

The twangy smell of chocolate milk on your breath

Fresh from breakfast

The way you stand too close to others when you talk

Full of earnest excitement

Betrays how immature you think you are

How young you want yourself to be

I can’t figure out why

You try so hard to please others

Trying to erase yourself

In this enthusiastic play role

But the world won’t easily forgive

Those who try to dupe others

You can’t wish this one away

You’re wise beyond your years

You may not be the brightest of the bunch

But a part of you understands

That it’s all just a game

We might as well have fun while it lasts.

This poem is part of a series of 100 poems. I’ve always loved reading poetry, but never managed to like whatever verses I’ve painfully extracted from my insides. So, the plan is to get better at this. I’ll write one a day, but I’m not exactly that disciplined. Let’s see how this goes.