At Code Academy, we like to foster valuable 21st century life skills like problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

As we continue to sharpen our knowledge on STEM education, we are constantly searching for ways to teach and equip students of ages 5 through 17 with these skills. There are millions of unfilled STEM jobs around the world, and coders, developers, robotics engineers and designers are in high demand like never before. With that in mind, we encourage parents to help nurture these skills in the kids, and as a result, parents will be amazed by their kids’ abilities.

We are all aware that these kinds of skills are not mastered in a day or two, thus the reason why we have decided to run our boot camp for 5 weeks. From November 5th through December 7th, 2018, our tutors at Code Academy will work hand in hand with the students, providing a personal approach that is effective for each student at whatever level they are at. Our main theme this holiday season will be coding and robotics in Manufacturing. Students will be introduced to the internal components of computers, apps & platforms, web & programming concepts, coding, and various kinds of programmable robot kits.

As huge believers of programming being a vital skill for today’s youth, we have broken down all topics into easily understandable ways that can quickly be learnt and implemented by students of all stages and ages. Therefore, your child does not need to have any kind of technology experience to join our classes.

Our boot camp shall be held at Edulink International College, Monday through Friday, from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM, with each week costinAg Ksh. 9,500 per student.

For more information and details to register, please email us at or call us on 0700 338911.