2020 Global Casual Game Advertising Market Report

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With the approaching of the end of 2020, what are the characteristics of casual games that have boosted a lot this year due to the “home economy” caused by the pandemic? App Growing Global published “2020 Global Casual Games Advertising Market Report”, based on data tracked by App Growing Global from January to November 2020, and the observation of 6285 casual games’ advertising strategies. It covers 21 countries/regions such as Europe & America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korean, Taiwan China, Hong Kong China, Middle East, Brazil, etc., and 18 global mobile advertising platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Admob, Unity, Line Japan, Twitter, etc. The following is an interpretation of the selected content of the report.

1. Overview of Casual Games Advertising in 2020

Casual games accounted for 31% of the total mobile games ads, and casual game publishers accounted for 33%. The competition for casual mobile games is fierce.

In the Top 100 list, the number of new casual games in 2020 accounted for only 29%. Old mobile games accounted for 71%, which proves that the lifecycle of top casual mobile games is relatively long and prefers long-term advertising.

In terms of hot-advertised regions, advertising in the United States is more than twice that of other regions, accounting for 13% of the total. It is the largest casual mobile game advertising market, which shows the importance of game publishers to American players. Other main markets include Canada, Western Europe, such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

2. Review of Top Casual Games in 2020

In the Top 100 casual games, tile-matching games are undoubtedly dominant, accounting for 27%. It is worth mentioning that although there are only 8 match-3 + games in the Top 100, 5 of them have been ranked in the top 20, such as match-3 + mixed simulation games “MATCHINGTONG MANSION” and “GARDENSCAPES”, which shows that the advertising campaign of match-3+ mobile games was being pushed strongly.

In terms of publishers, Chinese publishers accounted for nearly half. There were 8 games from Chinese publishers in the Top 20, namely Talefun’s “TAP COLOR” and “TAP COLOR LITE”, Acoin Games’ “BRICKS VS BALLS”, Magic Tavern’s ”MATCHINGTONG MANSION”, Zenjoy’s “MY HOME” and “COOKING MADNESS”, Eyugame’s “DREAM PIANO”, Moonton’s“SWEET CROSSING”, all belong to popular categories like tile-matching, match-3 or painting games.

3. Review of Hot-advertised Mobile Games of Top Chinese Publishers

Talefun, Eyugame, Zenjoy, Firecraft Studio, Moonton, and Habby were the publishers that pushed strong advertising campaigns; most of their popular mobile games had more than 20,000 ads. Among which Talefun’s “TAP COLOR LITE” had long occupied the top 1 of the list with more than 50,000 groups of ad creatives, and the ads number far exceeds others.

4. Analysis of Selected Ad Creative

The ad creatives of “TAP COLOR LITE” with an aggressive advertising campaign were quite classic and flexible, its advertising strategy can be summarized as displaying static image material + dynamic coloring guidance. When presenting in the form of static pictures, it is mainly to show different picture materials before there were colored for testing or to show the colored part of the picture to guide the player to complete them; if it is a video material, it tends to show the entire coloring process and the finished picture. All of which makes players eager to try.

“TAP COLOR LITE” Ad Creative, Source: App Growing Global

Ad Copy:

Baixe Agora! Mais de 5000 fotos grátis agora! Livro de colorir móvel incrível

Reference Translation: Download now! Over 5000 free photos! Incredible mobile coloring book.

“Tap Color Lite” also paid more attention to holiday marketing. For example, they launched ad creatives using classic holiday elements in Halloween and Christmas, such as Halloween pumpkins, witches, Santa, Christmas trees, etc, in order to fit into the strong festive atmosphere.

“TAP COLOR LITE” Christmas Video, Source: App Growing Global

Ad Copy:

Farbe ist an langweiligen Tagen bei dir�️Open Öffne sofort das Spiel und fülle einige Bilder aus, um dich zu entspannenALLE Bilder sind KOSTENLOS️

Reference Translation: We are with you on boring days. Open right now and fill in some pictures to relax. ALL pictures are FREE.

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